Is Stefani Schaefer Married to Mike Fratello: Does Stefani Schaefer Have Any Kids?

Stefani Schaefer is a famous journalist and newscaster for Fox 8. She has a sizable fan base. Her fame has also generated curiosity in her private life.

In fact, stories regarding her alleged romantic involvements have gone global. She’s been linked to a famous athlete while married to another guy, but is it true that she cheated on her husband? Find out by reading on!

Is Stefani Schaefer Married to Mike Fratello?

Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, Stefani Schaefer and Mike Fratello are not married. A social media post from Fox 8 News claims that she is married to Roger Schaefer. On April 27, 2012, they tied the knot.

In truth, she and her husband Roger are the proud parents of two children, a son named Race and a daughter named Sienna. She often boasts on Facebook about her spouse and two children.

Her spouse fell off scaffolding in 2012 and had a severe brain injury. For months, he remained in a coma and was very ill. His colleagues and supporters were relieved to hear that he had recovered and regained consciousness. Years after his first injury, Roger continues to have trouble remembering things.

Throughout Roger Schaefer’s hospitalization, she and her family regularly updated their social media followers with their worries and fears.

Did Mike Fratello And Stefani Schaefer Have An Affair?

The basketball coach and the reporter did not have an affair, according to the available evidence. However, she may have been deterred by rumors that she was married to famed basketball coach Mike Fratello.

begun by those who like speculation. However, they are false.

Who is Mike Fratello?

Mike Fratello is a legendary NBA basketball coach who has been in the game since the 1970s. He coached two of the NBA’s most successful franchises, the Cavaliers and the Knicks. He coached Ukraine throughout the latter years of his career until retiring in 2014.

As a commentator and analyst for Fox Sports Ohio and Fox Sports West, he began the sports broadcasting industry in 2021. His association with Fox may have contributed to rumors that he was wed to Stefani Schaefer.

Who is Stefani Schaefer’s Daughter?

Who is Stefani Schaefer's Daughter

Siena Bella, her daughter, is a professional singer. During the coronavirus epidemic of April 2020, Siena published a music video that many people in Northeast Ohio could identify with.

In her Instagram post announcing the release of Siena’s song, Stefani stated that the song was titled “Skin” and was about being near to the person you love. “Now, more than EVER, as we social distance ourselves and desperately miss being with our loved ones and friends, we crave being with them… next to them… next to their skin.”

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