Is Maya Hawke Gay: Who is Maya Hawke Dating Now?

Maya Hawke’s Robin, Steve’s new best friend and an employee at Scoops Ahoy, is a standout character in Stranger Things Season 3, which we binge-watched. The ice cream scooper fought terrible Soviet thugs, helped decipher a top secret Russian code, and saved Hawkins… Unfortunately, Starcourt Mall is not in the same league.

We are ecstatic to have Robin as a member of the Stranger Things crew, and she has certainly made her way in. When Steve and Robin have a serious conversation in the mall bathroom, it’s one of the show’s finest moments.

After much coaxing, Steve admits to having feelings for his coworker; she, however, clarifies that her feelings are more platonic. After that, Robin spills the beans about her secret childhood hatred of Steve: a crush on Tammy Thompson.

“I wanted her to look at me,” she confessed. “But Tammy Thompson is a girl,” Steve replied. Finally, the former jock realized that Robin just came out as a lesbian. After this scene, fans on Twitter started questioning if Maya was also gay in real life, like her character.

Is Maya Hawke Gay?

Although Hawke is most often associated with her role as Robin on Stranger Things, her representation of LGBTQ+ people extends beyond the program. In her other famous piece, Do Revenge, she portrays the LGBT character Eleanor, a tomboyish adolescent who is romantically involved with Gabbi, her twin sister.

She gained tremendous recognition and stardom for the more authentic portrayals of her parts, and now fans are curious to see how she handles the LGBTQIA characters she loves to play. Since the actress has said nothing publicly about her sexual orientation, there is no proof that she is gay.

Also, her dating life has not been made public, which could have provided more details regarding her sexuality. Regarding her love history, she has allegedly dated males up until this point, with the most recent claim circulating in July 2022 that she was romantically connected with Tom Sturridge, who starred in The Sandman.

We hope to see more LGBTQIA roles for Hawke in the future, even though her sexuality is still up for debate.

Who is Maya Hawke Dating?

Who is Maya Hawke Dating

Because Hawke keeps mum about her private life, it’s hard to tell who she’s seeing. However, rumors have circulated that she is dating fellow musician Spencer Barnett since February 2022, when Valentine’s Day kissing images of the two appeared in the Daily Mail.

Since 2017, Barnett has released three extended plays (EPs) and eight singles as a singer/songwriter. His famous parents are Roger Barnett, CEO of Shaklee Corporation, and Sloan Barnett, a former Manhattan district attorney, who is Hawke’s mother.

In March of 2022, during Paris Fashion Week, the two made an appearance together at the Dior Womenswear show, however they never officially confirmed their relationship. Despite the lack of sightings of the two since then, Barnett “liked” one of Hawke’s Instagram posts from November 11th (at the time of this writing). It appears like the two are still there for each other, at the very least.

How Long Has Maya Hawke Been Dating Her Boyfriend?

Due to their refusal to discuss their relationship with the public, nobody knows when or whether Hawke and Barnett began dating. But by 2022 Valentine’s Day, when a photo of the two of them getting cuddly in New York appeared in the Daily Mail, rumors began to circulate that they were dating.

The singers allegedly broke up in August 2022 when the gossip website Deux Moi revealed that Hawke was unmarried. Photos of the two on a Miami beach in December 2022, however, made it seem like they were still dating, according to the Daily Mail.

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