How Did Eddie Guerrero Die? WWE Wrestlers Who Tragically Died at Young Age

When it came to professional wrestling, Eddie Guerrero was an absolute monster. He was a well-known wrestler in the WWE. His death was announced to WWE fans on November 13, 2005.

Naturally, readers want to hear the story’s most juicy details, especially the character’s untimely demise. Then what happened to Eddie Guerrero?

Who is Eddie Guerrero?

Who is Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero, whose birth name was Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes, was a famous member of the Guerrero wrestling family and a professional wrestler in the United States. Until his untimely demise on November 13, 2005, this man, born on October 9, 1967, was one of the most famous wrestlers in the world.

He garnered acclaim for his performances in Mexico and Japan, working for big wrestling promotions. He had tremendous success and made an unforgettable impression while wrestling in the United States for ECW, WCW, and WWF/WWE (World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment).

Guerrero’s “Latino Heat” character was known for being cunning and resourceful in order to win matches. His renowned tagline was “I Lie! I Cheat! I Steal!” and it was included into his entrance tune and reflected his demeanor.

His real-life battles with alcoholism and painkiller addiction were sometimes incorporated into his stories; in 2005, he published his autobiography titled “Cheating Death, Stealing Life,” in which he discussed these issues.

After leaving WCW in 2000, Guerrero joined the WWF during the Attitude Era, where he formed a faction called The Radicalz alongside Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn. He was a huge success in WWF/WWE, taking home both the European and Intercontinental titles. However, in 2001, he was let go from the company because of his substance abuse problems.

In 2002, however, he was rehired after he and his nephew Chavo Guerrero won the WWE Tag Team Championship as part of the tag team Los Guerreros. At No Way Out 2004, Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship and cemented his status as a major star on the SmackDown brand. Despite losing the championship later that year, he continued to be a fan favorite up until his untimely death.

His posthumous achievements in the world of professional wrestling are legendary. His reputation as one of the finest and most influential professional wrestlers of all time was cemented when he was inducted into the Halls of Fame of the World Wrestling Entertainment, the American Wrestling Association, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and Hardcore.

How Did Eddie Guerrero Die?

On the SmackDown! episode from November 11, 2005, Eddie Guerrero defeated Mr. Kennedy in his farewell bout. The victory won him a berth on Team SmackDown for Survivor Series 2005.

Eddie was discovered by his nephew and fellow WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero unconscious on November 13 at the Minneapolis Marriott Hotel City Center.

Eddie Guerrero’s autopsy revealed that the cause of his death was sudden heart failure owing to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Eddie was “barely clinging to life” when Chavo Guerrero found him, he said in a 2020 interview for Dark Side of the Ring.

He was a huge star in the world of professional wrestling. In 2006, Latino Heat was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. After rising to prominence as a Cruiserweight star in WCW throughout the 1990s, Eddie made his way to WWE, where he has since become a reliable mid-card performer.

Early in 2004, Eddie Guerrero got his big break when he competed in the main event of No Way Out and won the WWE championship from Brock Lesnar. Many have called the championship victory one of the most inspiring moments in wrestling history.

Eddie beat Kurt Angle in a title defense at WrestleMania XX. He would lose the belt to JBL in a Texas Bullrope match at The Great American Bash. Eddie finished his time in WWE as a member of the upper midcard.

His legacy in wrestling, however, is practically unmatched. Numerous superstars have credited Eddie for their careers throughout the years. Eddie Guerrero was a pioneer in the wrestling industry and deserves his place in history as one of the best of all time.

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