Grayson Smiley Illness: Grayson’s Brain Cancer Was a Struggle

Since actor Slade Smiley shared a photo of his late kid on social media, speculation has swirled about the nature of his son’s illness and eventual death. As an American actor, Slade Smiley is best known for his role on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Smiley, the star of a popular reality show, has been interested in music ever since he was little and decided to further his hobby by joining a local band.

In addition, he honed his musical abilities by enrolling in classes during his time at the high school. Radio Slade is Slade’s radio station, and he is rather proud of it. The audience was blown away by his performance. Slade is not only an actor and musician but also the CEO of his own entertainment company in California, Grayson Entertainment, LLC.

People are familiar with his work, but after he revealed the death of his 22-year-old son, they started wondering about his personal life. If you’re interested in this topic, you might enjoy reading: Where Is Mandy Stavik Killer Tim Bass? After the kidnapping, raping, and murdering of their victims, they were apprehended and punished. Amanda.

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Grayson Smiley Illness

Grayson Smiley, Slade’s kid, had been ill for some time; in 2006, his parents, Michelle Arroyo and Slade gave him an update on his cancer. Cancer was identified in 2006, and Grayson has been receiving treatment ever then. According to the report, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the tender age of six. Diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma is the name of Grayson’s tumor, and it is extremely rare. It causes extreme weakness and there is no effective treatment for it.

His father recorded that he was among the 46% of patients who survive this type of malignancy, as reported by the doctor. Grayson’s brain tumor was the cause of his rise to fame, and he used to make regular trips to the hospital for checkups. Because of his outward appearance, he stood out from other kids; he might as well have been sick. Grayson held firm; his parents kept their followers on social media apprised of his condition. Like his wife, Smiley was an enthusiastic Instagram user; he shared photos of himself in a variety of settings, including the hospital, the outdoors, and the study hall.

Grayson Smiley Death And Obituary
Grayson Smiley Death And Obituary

Grayson Smiley Death And Obituary

Michelle Arroyo, Grayson Smiley’s mother, posted a devastating update on her Facebook page on February 7 to deliver the news that her son had passed away from brain cancer on February 5. Even though Michelle said he was still sick at 22, the doctor said he beat the unusual brain tumor, so they were grateful to have him.

Michelle had uploaded photos of him before his death, but she later wrote, “It was quite unexpected as last week he had cerebrospinal fluid removed from his shunts and they altered the valve setting of his shunt, and he was doing much better.”


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Michelle elaborated, saying, “I don’t have all the answers right now, but I know that the last few months with fevers, infection and low potassium most definitely had a toll on my precious boy’s heart. I’m still in disbelief and processing everything by the book.

The family of Grayson has requested seclusion in the wake of the tragic news of his passing. His mother is finding it extremely difficult to cope with everything that has happened. His stepmother, Gretchen Rossi, also paid tribute to Grayson on Instagram, posting a photo of him with his dad alongside a message from his mother.

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