Evan Peters Dating: Who Has He Dated And His Current Girlfriend?

Evan Peters is undeniably a brilliant actor because of his ability to disappear into any role. Hollywood fans may recognize Peters from his roles in films like American Horror Story, X-Men: Apocalypse, Mare of Easttown, and the upcoming Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story limited series on Netflix.

Peters’s public dating life has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, as one would expect with his level of popularity and the number of women who are smitten with him. He has certainly kept his love life intriguing, having spent seven years with a prominent Hollywood actress and currently dating a famous singer. Is he dating anyone at the moment, though?

Evan Peters’ Current Relationship: Does He Have a Girlfriend?

They wonder if he is single, in a relationship, or just secretive. Speculations abound about his sexual orientation and relationship status because he rarely discusses them publicly, prompting accusations that he is either gay or has a secret wife. The rumors, though, don’t appear to concern Evan.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that Evan Peters is entirely available for a relationship with no one. Therefore, it’s improbable that he’s married. Recently, he’s been seeing the famous singer Halsey. Since then, he hasn’t been spotted with women or in relationships.

In contrast to his other actors, he doesn’t have a steady stream of attractive female admirers. He claimed he was “not very adept at dating” and was a “shy” person. However, he has been involved with some beautiful ladies in the past.

Who Has Evan Peters Dated?

Emma Roberts: 2012-2019

Emma Roberts, a famous actress, is the person with whom Peters has been in a relationship the longest, but the two have had a rocky history together. They started dating after meeting in February 2012 on the set of Adult World, and Peters popped the question in 2013.
The couple broke up in 2015, only to get back together in 2016 over the year’s first three months. And then, nine months later, in March of 2019, they called it quits again. After marrying and divorcing Garrett Hedlund, Roberts became pregnant.
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Halsey: 2019-2020

The actor and singer Halsey were seen together at Six Flags on a date in September of 2019. The following month the two made their first public appearance at the 100th episode party for American Horror Story when they rocked full disco attire.

Several tweets from 2013 reveal Halsey’s obvious crush on the actor, including “Petition for Evan Peters to date me” and “I just want cookies and Evan Peters.” A breakup was announced in March 2020, although Peters had gone on tour with the artist.

Halsey removed all images of herself and Peters from her Instagram account, but she hasn’t explained why they broke up. Peters’s most publicized romances have been with Halsey and Roberts, but he has also been associated with Alexia Quinn, Pixie Geldof, and Alexandra Breckenridge. Even though he’s 35 and now single, we’re confident he’ll be back in the dating pool in no time. In the end, his amorous tendencies seem to be quite obvious.

Evan Peters Dating History
Evan Peters Dating History

Breaking Up with Alexia Quinn After Meeting Emma Roberts?

Evan Peters dated Alexia Quinn, who he first met on Living at Home in 2011, before beginning his relationship with Emma Roberts. Alexia has starred in several successful films, including Small Talk and LoveJacked.

It was in their job together that they first encountered each other. And it wasn’t too long before Evan and Alexia started going out together. Alexia also attended Evan’s birthday celebration in January.

In total, they were together for over a year. There is talk that Evan met Emma on the set of Adult World and developed a crush on her, which led to the breakup between him and Alexia. They created an affection for one another, although Emma was already in a committed relationship when they met.

There was instant chemistry between Evan and Emma, and they went to great lengths to make up for their exes. Is it romantic or poisonous, in your opinion?

The little information we have about this couple comes from red carpet images. Maybe we wouldn’t have guessed Evan and Alexia were dating if it weren’t for Evan’s eyes on Emma. They were conscientious about keeping their romance out of the public eye.

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