Different Ways to Use YouTube in 2022

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms for billions of users around the world. It not only provides users with the best place to look for solutions to many problems but also provides a way for creative individuals to earn money. YouTube has more than 2.476 billion users throughout the world and this number is on the rise as too many people are setting up their YouTube channels every now and then.

YouTube is home to around 800 million videos and around 37 million channels. This makes it a leading platform when it comes to video streaming websites.

Users on YouTube upload creative videos using different tools and gadgets that one can easily find on Amazon and other online shopping platforms. You can shop online on Amazon using high-speed internet for the best and most affordable devices using RCN Internet and easily get more views, subscribers, etc. for your YouTube channel. Let’s have a look at a few things you can do on YouTube in the year 2022:

YouTube Lets You Watch Video Anonymously

Unlike many other social platforms, YouTube does not require you to have a Google Account to search and view the videos you want to watch on the platform. However, there are a few things that require you to sign in on YouTube using your Google Account. This includes downloading the videos, viewing your streaming history, etc. Also, if you want to broadcast yourself or upload a new video, you have to sign into YouTube using your Google account.

Perform Basic YouTube Activities

Once you have signed in to YouTube you can do a lot of fun activities. These activities are things you can’t do while you are browsing the website as an anonymous user. For instance, if there is an interesting video that you have come across and you do not have time to watch it in one go, you can simply save it, and watch it later. Also, you can comment on different videos that you have watched and share your views on them.

Besides this, you can create your playlist so that you do not have to search around for the videos you frequently watch every time or switch to YouTube while you are working. You can also use YouTube to upload videos and operate your own YouTube channel where you can upload some creative content that can get your channel maximum views and subscribers.

Manage Each Video Using Different Settings

Every video you upload can be uploaded using different privacy levels. This means that you are in control of your videos and decide who can view your videos. You can also decide who can comment on your videos. Also, you can set different rules for licensing and ways other people can or cannot use material posted in your video.

You Can Edit and Share Your Videos

YouTube can help users edit videos using some basic level online tools. People today have amazing ways and apps to edit videos offline and upload the final video. You can also annotate your videos and add comments as a note in the footage at certain points and even use speech bubbles that appear on the video just like bubbles that appear in comics.

You can also use different ways to share your videos using a URL link in an email or by copying the embed code generated by YouTube and pasting it on some other website.

Watching and Re-watching Is Very Straightforward

YouTube can make watching your favorite videos quite easy and straightforward, even for someone who has very basic knowledge about video streaming. For instance, one can simply press the Play button and the video can easily begin streaming on your computer or mobile device. Other options on YouTube include using the fill the screen option to watch the video on full screen, perform videos based on different keywords, scroll through trending videos, etc.

To make your video selection more selective, you can apply filters to your search so that you can have your video results appear according to date or popularity. This way you can make sure that you make your videos easy to find for people of all ages.

You Can Have Your Own Video Channel

All the videos you share/upload can be grouped together into a video channel. For this, you can also set a privacy level according to your needs. For instance, you can decide whether you want the public to watch your videos or a few authorized people only can view your content. You can make your videos appear more easily by adding an attractive thumbnail to them that can compel users to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways people today can use YouTube as a way to gain popularity and even earn a good sum of money. You can have a look around YouTube and take inspiration from content creators like Logan Paul, Pew Die Pie, Casey Neistat, and many others who became YouTube sensations. You can also upload some cool content online for your subscribers and fans around the world.

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