Did Stella Die on Chicago Fire? In the Latest Episode, Her Destination Was Revealed

Did Stella Die on Chicago Fire?  A significant cliffhanger was left for viewers in the Chicago Fire midseason finale (Season 11, Episode 9). When Pryma (Troy Winbush) was hurt, Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Carver (Jake Lockett) went into a burning building to help.

However, an explosion put all of their lives in danger. The three of them may or may not have survived when the episode concluded. Insider questioned co-showrunner Derek Haas about what occurs, and he responded, “When Episode 10 is released, the big, huge question will be, “Did anyone escape this?”

In order to find out if anyone survived, Severide would rush into the building while we will be right there behind him, stepping over debris and into the fog.” And on January 4, when Season 11, Episode 10 premiered, that is precisely what occurred.


To make sure Stella was still alive, Severide (Taylor Kinney) did hurry into the structure. He discovered her on the ground with a quite serious wound. Carver appeared unharmed in the meanwhile.

Stella, Carver, and Pryma were taken to the hospital by emergency personnel, and we soon discovered that all three of them would live. Stella would miss a few weeks of work but was anticipated to fully recover.

Carver—well, he seemed more mentally impacted by the encounter than anything else; Pryma had a broken leg or foot. We quickly find out why. Stella actually sustained most of the injuries when she leaped in front of Carver to protect him during the explosion.

Weeks after the accident, when Stella resumes work, Carver is scared and skittish rather than his arrogant self. He wants to re-tie a rope knot even though Stella assures him it is alright during a call. The once-wonderful child seemed to have lost confidence.

Did Stella Die on Chicago Fire?

Stella and Carver discuss everything that happened at Molly’s at the conclusion of the episode. So, you’re after the explosion 100%? Stella inquiries Carver. Except suddenly your arrogance and sour disposition are completely gone?

You missed them, Carver quips. Stella responds, “And that’s called deflection,” to which. Stella attempts opening up first by saying, “I keep trying to put the whole incident behind me, but every day I wake up, I see this scar on my side, and it all just comes flooding back,” in an effort to get Carver to open up.

Carver explains to Stella, “I guess I’m not used to being the one who gets saved. “That’s what you did, too. I was protected by you, and you got hurt, but I was unharmed and I left that house. And it has been looming over me, possibly causing me mental distress. But as instructed by my Lieutenant, I will gather myself.”


They each take a drink as they part ways, and it appears like the matter has been resolved for the time being. Carver even makes a joking jab about Stella being Stella’s inferior at the Academy. That’s the person Stella and the audience overlooked. It appears like our man is returned!

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