Is Brittany Vasseur Divorce? The Intriguing Saga of Her Breakup and Life Transformations

Brittany Vasseur was raised in San Diego, California, and was born there on July 2, 1985. After her parents separated, little is known about her father, Arthur J. Wankel. However, Melaine Vasseur, her mother, founded Vasseur Skincare and is a well-known aesthetician.

Jameson Wankel, Brittany’s younger brother, is a student at George Washington University, where she majored in International Development and minored in Economics and French.

At least five feet five inches tall, Brittany had a brief stint working at her mother’s business, Vasseur Skincare, before starting her own business and developing her line of cosmetics. Brittany is also associated with the entertainment world through her stepbrother, the well-known voice actor Damien Haas.

Is Brittany Vasseur Divorce?

On her YouTube account, well-known YouTuber Brittany Vasseur declared her divorce from her spouse, Ryan Thomas. She disclosed that she had filed for divorce a few weeks before and called it one of the most complex decisions of her life, making the news on August 1, 2023.

She said that a future video on her YouTube channel would provide additional information regarding the circumstances. Although the reason for their divorce hasn’t been made clear, people have their theories. While some think the pair may have grown apart over time, others believe adultery may play a role.

Alert fans have seen that Brittany has only kept a small number of sponsored posts and family images on her Instagram account, removing the majority of the photos of Ryan. Furthermore, Brittany has been sharing mysterious comments on her Instagram stories, asking for prayers and support from her followers while expressing that she is going through a difficult time.

As of right now, more information is still expected, and the couple’s supporters and admirers are keeping a careful eye on their welfare. On her YouTube account, Brittany Vasseur said that she had filed for divorce, calling it one of the most complicated choices she had ever made. Nonetheless, the precise cause of their split is still unknown.

Some fans have conjectured that problems like growing apart over time could be the cause of the separation. Notably, Brittany has only a few sponsored posts and family images remaining on her Instagram account after deleting the majority of her husband Ryan’s images. Brittany is anticipated to release more information in a future video on her YouTube account.

Who is Brittany Vasseur Husband?

Their love journey started on Match, and in September 2015, not long after he proposed, Ryan and Brittany were married. Before joyously welcoming their daughter in August 2020 and their son Carter Grey Thomas on January 8, 2017, the couple overcame significant difficulties, including two miscarriages.

Brittany Vasseur Divorce

Ryan, an engineering project manager, has been a big part of Brittany Vasseur’s life, but he has made a conscious decision to stay out of the spotlight. He is now a shadowy and mysterious figure in Brittany’s ordinarily transparent and open online persona as a result of her decision.

Though he remains anonymous, Ryan’s involvement in Brittany’s life has aroused interest and fascination in her ardent supporters, making them want to learn more about the man in the background.

Brittany Vasseur Social Media Sites

With 1.55 million subscribers, Brittany Vasseur, also known as @vasseurbeauty on YouTube, is a well-known content creator. Her channel, which has attracted millions of followers worldwide, is a veritable gold mine of beauty, lifestyle, and organizing content with a massive library of 550 films.

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Brittany stands out for her commitment to providing her audience with insightful and helpful advice. Her beauty videos include everything from product reviews and cosmetic lessons to hair care advice and skincare regimens. She has a devoted following of people who trust her advice and recommendations because of her knowledge and approachable style.

Vasseurbeauty has amassed an incredible 1.5 million loyal followers on Instagram. Brittany Vasseur, who is well-known for her knowledge of organization, beauty, and lifestyle, has a gorgeous Instagram account.

Her blogs are an enthralling fusion of chic organization ideas, competent lifestyle advice, and enchanting beauty looks. Brittany engages her audience with captivating captions and intimate peeks into her life, all while maintaining a kind and genuine demeanor.

Her positive feed encourages her followers to embrace self-improvement and self-care. For those who are interested in beauty and lifestyle, Vasseurbeauty’s Instagram is a must-visit source for anything from skincare and makeup tips to home organization ideas.


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