Are Taylor And Monte Still Together In Big Brother 24 finale?

Since the beginning of the summerlong game on Big Brother, Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor have gone from being adversaries to allies with one another. Both of the cast members of Big Brother season 24 have competed to the best of their abilities during the summer competition.

However, although they have occasionally worked together during the game, their dynamic has not always been positive. Fans are surprised that Taylor and Monte will follow through with their alliance. However, Big Brother has seen its fair share of competitors who have ultimately decided to work together to benefit their game throughout the series.

Although this season is no different from any other series, fans have been surprised by this development. The fact that they are cooperating is simply another unexpected happening from this season of Big Brother, which is packed with twists.

Although Taylor Hale has spent the bulk of this season on bad terms with a number of the other cast members, her relationship with Monte has become increasingly active since the Leftovers alliance was established in week three.

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Taylor, Monte, fellow houseguests Brittany Hoopes and Matt Turner, and jury members Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, and Kyle Capener, were all members of the Leftovers alliance. This alliance dominated the Big Brother house throughout the early weeks of the tournament.

They won Head of Household from week 3 through week seven and Veto competitions for the first seven weeks, except the week 7 Dyre Fest Veto, awarded to Terrance. Even though Taylor and Monte teamed up early on in the race, the two of them spent the first part of the summer fighting one other.

The pair’s relationship got off to a rocky start early on in the Big Brother game due to a number of factors, including the perception that Taylor had a negative attitude toward the house, which has changed since Taylor won Big Brother Head of Household in week six, and Monte’s decision to put Taylor on the nomination block earlier in the game.

Are Taylor And Monte Together?

Taylor and Monte started the competition as frustrated partners, but now many viewers think they’re building a Big Brother showmance. Monte placed Taylor up for nomination as a replacement nominee during his week four HOH reign, and he has done it again this week.

Taylor And Monte In Big Brother 24
Taylor And Monte In Big Brother 24

Taylor has been on the block twice, and neither was she satisfied with the decision to put her up, although she and Monte have always gotten the most votes. Taylor was treated poorly by the other Big Brother houseguests in the first week of the competition.

They accused her of being a fake and held her responsible for Paloma Aguilar’s self-eviction. Taylor was afraid that being put on the nomination block would allow the other house guests to evict her because of the criticism she had received in the house.

Despite her belief that Monte should have protected her, Taylor was astute enough to know that the votes could have gone either way on Big Brother. As a result of these nominations, Taylor has had some doubts about Monte throughout the summer. Since the last five houseguests have been selected, Taylor and Monte have grown incredibly close.

Both Big Brother houseguests, Taylor and Monte, recently took their romance to the next level by kissing in the Head of Household room. Many viewers were surprised to see them together, mainly because they’d been openly teasing each other with the other housemates.

Both are formidable opponents, but a public display of affection this late in the game could derail their plans. Although it appears that the two have found common ground and are working together, the other housemates learning about their kiss might have a devastating effect on their game.

A showmance may be seen as a sudden alliance by the other housemates, who may assume that Taylor and Monte will prioritize protecting one other. Season 24 of Big Brother has been named “one of the best modern Big Brother seasons” by alumna Janelle Pierzina, and with Taylor and Monte’s latest twist, it’s easy to see why.

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