79-year-old Us Talk Show Host Jerry Springer Passes Away

Jerry Springer, a longtime presenter of a US talk show whose show became known for its on-air brawls, profanity, and infidelity disclosures, has passed away at the age of 79, according to US media.

After “a brief illness,” Springer, whose program became an international hit and ran for 27 years, passed away quietly at home in Chicago, according to a family representative, as reported by TMZ. The spokesperson withheld any additional information. According to unnamed sources and cited by TMZ, Springer received a pancreatic cancer diagnosis a few months ago.

79-year-old Us Talk Show Host Jerry Springer Passes Away

When it first debuted in 1991, “The Jerry Springer Show” was just another talk program featuring social issues and US politics. It was hosted by the then-politically inept lawyer and former politician Springer, who for a brief period of time was Cincinnati’s mayor in 1977.

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But after a few years, the son of Jewish German immigrants drastically changed things up, concentrating on salacious and outrageous content in an effort to increase ratings. In the majority of programs, guests appeared to discuss and expose infidelity and other misdeeds as well as family issues.

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Although it is said that Springer attempted to mediate, fights frequently broke out, with guests being restrained by security personnel. The program outperformed Oprah in the US daytime television ratings in the late 1990s. In 2018, it came to an end.

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