Zach Bryan Divorce: Relationship With Debbie Peifer?

Zach Bryan, the 27-year-old writer of “Something in the Orange” smash song, has a history of winning people with his swoon-worthy country music. Zach announced his breakup with Debbie Peifer on May 31, 2023, and although social media has been in a frenzy since, there was another leading lady in Zach’s heart before Debbie. Please continue reading to learn more about Zach’s current relationship with Debbie and his ex-wife Rose Madden amid the announcement of their split!

What Fans Have Said About Their Divorce

The couple had decided to part ways a year after being married. Many of Zach’s supporters investigated what might have gone wrong on social media and blogs, with many of them accusing the Grammy-nominated musician of reportedly cheating on Rose. Despite the accusations, Zach and his ex haven’t publicly addressed the speculations about how their relationship ended.

Zach Bryan Divorce: Relationship With Debbie Peifer?

Who is Zach Bryan Married To?

In the years following their divorce, the 27-year-old has primarily erased evidence of his prior union with Rose. Zach and Rose were wed in July 2020, but their happiness as newlyweds did not last long, as they divorced a year later, according to Page Six. Additionally, Rose has removed all traces of their relationship from her social media accounts since she abruptly stopped using them after their breakup. In July 2021, she returned to Instagram nearly a year after she and Zach wed. She captioned the picture, “She’s ba—ack ;-)”.

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On August 18, 2020, Rose and Zach announced their marriage via Twitter. The musician stated that he was preoccupied with more significant issues in response to a fan who submitted a meme asking for more merchandise. Zach tweeted then, “Ya sorry brother had to get married. That’s my bad.” And while the former lovers have removed each other’s presence from social media, the wedding photographer has kept the pictures on their official Facebook page.

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Is Zach Bryan and Debbie Peifer dating?

Zach was connected to Debbie not long after his breakup with Rose. The two were open about their relationship and had each other highlighted on their profiles. On Debbie’s TikTok account, Zach frequently made cameos. In one video dated October 2022, Zach sang about losing his voice.

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“We’re heading home now! He sang hoarsely, “I lost my voice at a wedding, and I have to play in a day!” “Dropping soon,” Debbie captioned the video, perhaps joking that it would be a smash tune. After the video, he gave her a tender head kiss. During the early days of their relationship, Debbie also posted a since-deleted black-and-white photo to Instagram with her now-ex.

The breakup of Zach Bryan and Debbie

On May 31, 2023, the former member of the US Navy announced on Twitter that he and Debbie had broken up. His solemn statement started, “For openness and with respect, I am letting everyone know Debra, and I went our separate ways about a week and a half ago.

“Things are reciprocal; we’re leaving with many happy memories. I humbly request that everyone respect her and my privacy during this difficult time. Debbie had not yet made a statement at the time of publication, but she had started removing Zach’s content from her social media accounts.

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