Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Accident: Did He Get Into A Mishap?

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Accident: Online rumours about Zac Efron’s shifting appearance have been rampant over the past year. The High School Musical star addressed the rumours in September. The actor, 34, recently disclosed that she had corrective surgery after suffering a chin injury that caused a bloated face last year. Photos of his new appearance went viral.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Zac made his first press appearance to promote his forthcoming movie, The Greatest Beer Run Ever. His appearance on the red carpet rekindled the conversation about his operation. Here are all of Efron’s comments regarding the Accidental Plastic Surgery on Zac Efron.

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Did Zac Efron Have An Accident?

In an October interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Zac discussed an accident that required surgery. He admitted that he slipped on a sock while at home and fell upon a granite fountain’s corner, knocking him out cold.

According to Efron, his “chin bone was dangling off his face,” the magazine reported. Later, he expanded on Entertainment Tonight Online and described how serious the mishap was: “It was humorous. It isn’t delicious. We’re okay, but I almost passed away.”

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Accident

Zac Efron is dispelling the myths around his plastic surgery. The “Baywatch” star opened up in a recent “Entertainment Tonight” interview about the incident that caused his jawline to shift. Efron admitted that the accident was quite serious when he sat down to promote his newest film, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever,” at the Toronto International Film Festival.

It was humorous, he remarked. “It’s awful. We’re okay, but I almost passed away.” While Efron has experienced some injuries while preparing for films, the one to his jaw occurred at home. In an interview with Men’s Health earlier this month, the actor provided extensive details about the incident and his healing process.

He remembered sprinting through his house in socks, slipping, hitting his head on a fountain’s stone corner, and passing out. His chin bone was hanging off his face when he awoke. His jaw was wired shut following reconstructive surgery. His masseter muscles increased as he started to recover because they had to compensate for the weaker jaw muscles left over from the operation.

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery
Zac Efron Plastic Surgery

He worked with a physical therapist to correct the overcompensation, but the trauma, he claimed, left him with an expanded jawline. When Zac Efron and Bill Nye presented an Earth Day special in April 2021, rumours about his alleged cosmetic surgery started to spread. However, he was unaware of them until quite recently. His mother was the one who let him know.

He explained on “Entertainment Tonight” that “my mum told me.” I honestly don’t care because I don’t read the internet. Efron has been deeply engaged in self-reflection and progress for the last few years. “I wouldn’t be able to perform this work,” he told Men’s Health, “if I appreciated what other people thought of me to the amount they may think I do.”

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