You Season 5: Will There Be A Next Chapter On Netflix?

Season 4 of You on Netflix finds Joe Goldberg up to his old tricks under a new name and in a new country. In the fourth season, Joe adopts a new persona and relocates to the United Kingdom to start over. On February 9, Netflix will debut the first episode of the fourth season of You, and on March 9, the network will unveil the remaining half of the season.

In anticipation of Joe’s future adventures, fans of You can’t wait for Season 2 to premiere. If you’ve finished watching season 4 of You and are looking forward to more of your favorite Netflix hit, read on to find out all we know about You season 5, including whether or not it will actually happen.

You Season 5 Release Date

This time, Joe isn’t the one committing the murder, but he is on a quest to find out who is. As we saw in the new trailer, Joe joins a gang of “privileged douchebags” who are being eliminated one by one. Whether or not Joe locates Marienne at the end of this season will have a significant impact on the trajectory of a hypothetical Season 5. Is it possible for him to relocate overseas once more? Would he be able to start over under a new identity? Everything is up for grabs, as the first four seasons have proven.

If you’re curious when the following series will be available, this information may be of use to you:

What Will You Season 5 Be About?

Since we don’t know how season four of You will end, it’s difficult to speculate on what would happen in a possible You Season 5. In the upcoming season, Joe will assume the identity of an English professor and relocate to London.

Is There A Release Date For You Season 5?

A premiere date for You Season 5 cannot be set until we learn whether or not the show will be renewed. However, we might speculate on a possible release date based on the history of similar products. The production of You season four was officially greenlit in October 2021, and shooting began the following year in March.

The new series will get up in February 2023, with the second half arriving in March of the same year. If the release schedule for previous seasons is any indication, we could expect You Season 5 to premiere in the summer of 2024.

You Season 5 Release Date
You Season 5 Release Date

Is You Season 5 Happening?

Netflix has not yet declared whether or not there will be a You Season 5 of You, and the streaming site has not officially renewed the show for a You Season 5. However, the show’s chances appear to be in its favor, and no conclusion has been planned for the show as of yet. Showrunner and co-creator Sera Gamble has intimated in the past that there has never been a concrete plan in place to convey a story through a fixed number of seasons, as opposed to the practice of some creative teams.

At the time, Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter that the show will “certainly follow Joe for several more seasons.” There was no mention of how many seasons the show would go for, but that doesn’t mean the writers have already decided when it would stop, which is good news for viewers. Given the show’s popularity, it’s reasonable to think that Netflix would have emphasized the fact that Season 4 will be the last by highlighting that fact in its marketing.


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The absence of such rumors bodes well for those who want to see Season 5 of the show. Part 2 of Season 4 is scheduled for release in March, so it’s possible that we won’t find out anything regarding the show’s future until then. However, we are hopeful that Netflix will commission a second season.

The Cast Includes In You Season 5

We expect Penn Badgley to continue playing the major role of Joe until the You team completely surprises us. It’s been established that every season he mixes with a new set of people, and even moves to a new place, so new casting news shouldn’t come as a surprise once You Season 5 is officially greenlit. It will be interesting to see who survives from the current season 4 cast, which includes Lukas Gage, Charlotte Ritchie, and Tati Gabrielle, but we’ll have to wait for part 2 to find out.

Is There A Trailer For You Season 5?

It’s likely that a trailer for You Season 5 won’t be released until after the renewal has been officially announced and production has commenced on the next season, as Season 4 is still streaming on Netflix

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