Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Review: What Happened Last Night On Yellowstone?

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Review: On Yellowstone, the key players are beginning to take sides. With Beth and John (and Rainwater? ), Market Equities, environmentalists, and possibly Kayce and Jamie on one side and the aforementioned events—the killing of the park wolves, Kayce’s decision, Market Equities’ hands-off approach to ruining the Duttons, and—once again—infinite Beth’s hatred for Jamie—on the other, Episode 4 brings together what appears to be the season’s central conflicts.

However, we’ll explain why we chose those last two. Episode 4 instead downplays Beth’s assault on a California visitor, which appeared to be a major plot point for the rest of the season in the previous episode. There are only so many problems one rancher/governor/father/tired man without whiskey can put up with, but the assault does further sever the bond between Beth and Jamie, which might prove fatal for one of them, and prompt John to look for outside assistance.

Before we get started, a few crucial items. Kayce’s dream. We had a hunch that Kayce’s ceremonial hallucination from the previous season would be hidden behind an irksome narrative curtain for the remainder of this season, and we were correct. Kayce reminded him that he had to pick one of the two pathways he could see.

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That decision was summarized by Kayce as “the end of us.” That conclusion might allude to the dissolution of his nuclear family or the Duttons. It’s been rumored that Kayce will have to decide between his family and the Duttons, an idea that seemed to get more support last week. An additional aspect regarding this. 

The primary conflict of Yellowstone Season 1 was the one over Kayce’s loyalty, which involved John and Monica. It was the Duttons versus the outside parties attempting to annex their territory. The Dutton family was threatened by Kayce’s choice to wed and have a child with Monica, a woman from the reserve.

Later seasons more or less eliminated that tension as other dramatic narrative aspects were introduced and Monica and the Broken Rock Reservation plotline were given less screen time. We may finally be making a complete circle, according to the last several episodes. But John might be moving toward an alliance rather than battling Rainwater and Broken Rock. What that means for Kayce, though, is uncertain. This is how the episode went.

She Looks Like a Beth, Yellowstone Season 4 Episode Recap

Jamie pays Beth a visit after she spends the night in jail. He describes the seriousness of the assault charge, saying that if the California woman decides to press charges, Beth might experience major repercussions, and consequently so will John. Later that morning, Jamie is successful in persuading the woman not to file a complaint.

Given that she started the fight, he argues, she might be charged with a crime herself, which would probably put her in Montana. She makes the decision that she’d like to simply leave the city. And she complies. A awkward-as-hell vehicle ride back to the ranch with Beth, which results in yet another assault, is Jamie’s prize for his legal ingenuity. 

When they enter, Beth sees a car seat in the back and asks Jamie if he has a child. He blubbers his way into a confession instead of, you know, lying—like he most likely did with the woman at the county jail—even claiming the child is a boy.  Following an abortion, Jamie sterilized Beth, who then flew into a passion, beating Jamie and threatening to ruin him and his kid. 

(John speaks) Jesus Beth The most dramatic episode of the tedious Beth Hates Jamie plot has now begun. Beth makes the decision to leave and take a ride. Almost mustering the will to run Beth over with his automobile, Jamie decides against it. What an event! Good news for Market Equities and Sarah: Jamie now has a motive to betray his family once more (as if he needed one more).

John Dutton’s Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad First Week in Office

John dismisses all of his advisors in Helena because they convened a pointless conference without consulting him. John suddenly has no advisors and requests some. Just now, wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed on his property, according to information from Montana officials.

John will probably face legal action for the murder from an NGO that stands for all terrible environmentalists. John is over this nonsense already. John describes how sick and weary he is of this garbage while having lunch with Senator Perry. In order to prepare for the impending storm, Perry suggests that John consult with an environmental specialist. 

What’s coming after that is already obvious: Summer Higgins. John does, in fact, briefly free her from jail so that she can act as his advisor. She declares that she won’t sleep with him. John says it’s alright. They start dating right away after that night.

New Allies and New Enemies

On the ranch, Kayce and Monica bury their kid. From a distance, John and Beth observe. John chastises Beth for being unpredictable. Beth informs John that she wants to be cremated and her ashes spread if she passes away.

This kind of conversation usually portends a death that occurs around the conclusion of the season, and we’re beginning to wonder if Beth Dutton’s story will conclude this season. Given the Episode 1’s supposedly pointless flashbacks.

Given that she tortured Jamie in a psychotic manner and has no redeeming qualities. Sarah, her most formidable opponent to date, is about to arrive. Everything seems to point to Beth being in difficulty. That’s what we think, at least.

After the burial service, Rainwater approaches John and invites him to the reservation to meet with him. Rainwater is under political pressure and may shortly be removed, but he hasn’t told John yet. We weren’t expecting this alliance, but it could up up being the pivotal alliance this season. Jamie is susceptible to treachery, although John is not yet aware of this.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4
Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4

He is aware of Beth’s instability.  In his fight against land development, he is out of allies. Maybe he can find a new strategy to defend his own country if he can shield Rainwater from political exploitation. Later, Sarah and Jamie had lunch together. 

In order to delay the development until the following election cycle, when John will probably leave government, Sarah describes Market Equities’ new approach. Naturally, Sarah has a backup plan and immediately seduces Jamie. They connect in a restroom. 

After following Jamie to the bar, Beth accompanies the two into the restroom and stealthily removes Sarah’s wallet while taking a photo of her phony ID. She is now aware of who will be her greatest adversary.

She meets Summer the following morning at the property. yet another foe. She makes the decision to partake in a beverage, and the episode concludes with Beth acting out the act of drinking whiskey just before passing away. That’s it for now. Beth, bye.

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