Xiaomi is preparing to launch the second generation of OLED TVs in two sizes

Xiaomi unveils at its next conference the second generation of OLED TVs, and the company has confirmed through a recent teaser that the new devices are available in two sizes.

The upcoming event from Xiaomi includes a number of announcements about the company’s devices, as the Chinese giant presented during the conference the Mi Mix 4 phone, the Mi Pad 5 series of tablets, with a premium class speaker, as well as the new generation of OLED TVs.

And Xiaomi introduced the first generation of OLED TVs last year, which was launched to the market under the title Mi TV Masters, and the company is preparing to launch a new generation through which it is working to bring a new concept of devices with OLED screens to the market.

On the other hand, the JD.com store in the Chinese market began receiving registration requests before the official reservation door was opened and also before accurate details about the specifications of these devices were revealed.

The official page of the devices also revealed Xiaomi’s plans to launch the second generation of OLED devices in two sizes, 55 and 65 inches, so we await more details in the upcoming official announcement.

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