Woody Harrelson Net Worth: How the Actor Made His Millions?

American actor and author Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was born in the United States. He has won a Primetime Emmy, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and been nominated for three Academy Awards and four Golden Globes, among other accolades.

Woody Harrelson’s age, height, and net worth have been the subjects of several online inquiries and investigations.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Woody Harrelson’s wealth is here.

Woody Harrelson Net Worth

Woody Harrelson has a net worth of $70 million and is a well-known American actor, dramatist, and campaigner. Woody Harrelson’s portrayal of Woody Boyd on the NBC sitcom “Cheers” earned him a Golden Globe and an Emmy. In 196 of Cheers’ 275 episodes, Woody made an appearance.

Woody has made numerous film appearances. Nominated for an Academy Award for his parts in “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” “The Messenger,” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” among others. Woody’s work on the 8-episode HBO series “True Detective,” for which he also acted as Executive Producer, was lauded by critics and viewers alike.

How He Avoided Jail Time?

In 1982, Woody Harrelson was jailed for disorderly behavior and resisting arrest; in 1996, he was detained for symbolically planting hemp seeds (which the sheriff called “cultivating marijuana”); and in 2002, he was arrested for vandalizing a taxi and fleeing from police.

Despite all of these arrests, he never spent any time behind bars. A TMZ cameraman sued Woody in 2008 for $2.5 million, claiming that the actor had assaulted him and smashed his camera. After settling in 2010, the case was dismissed.

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Woody Harrelson’s $4.5 Million Hotel Purchase: The Inn at the Black Olive

Woody Harrelson's $4.5 Million Hotel Purchase The Inn at the Black Olive

During the height of Cheers, Woody spent $1.8 million in 1989 and bought a Beverly Hills mansion with 3,200 square feet. This home is now worth between $5 and $6 million.

Woody purchased a spectacular seaside property in Hana, Maui, for $1.95 million in 1999. Three years later, he had assembled an impressive 8.5-acre estate by purchasing numerous adjacent homes. This area was once a cow ranch until Woody arrived. I’m sure the cows Woody inherited are living it up today, what with his vegan diet.

Woody spent $4.5 million purchasing a Baltimore hotel in March 2014; the establishment is called the Inn at the Black Olive.

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