Winter House Season 3: Release Date Update & Everything We Know

Bravo should be preparing for Winter House season 3 and all its icy drama now that Summer House season 7 is gone. Both new characters and OGs were introduced during the previous season. The slopes were barely used, but the drama inside the home heated up as a result of relationships that were developing quickly.

Nobody knew what to anticipate from the spinoff Winter House when it initially aired in October 2021. Summer House and Southern Charm, two of Bravo’s most adored programs, were combined in the series, featuring both actors. The little mansion was in Kyle Cooke’s childhood ski resort in Stowe, Vermont.

The idea was the same: have great house parties, take advantage of some neighbourhood pubs, hit the slopes, and cause tremendous drama. The marriage of Amanda Batula and Kyle, Sam Feher and Kory Keefer’s developing romance, and Lindsay Hubbard’s potential profound activation may all be included in the upcoming season.

When will Winter House Season 3 Arrive? Let’s check below

Winter House Season 3 Potential Release Date

Winter House Season 3: Release Date Update & Everything We Know

Bravo has not yet announced Winter House season 3’s official release date. However, it most likely will occur in October 2023. It makes sense that Bravo would keep the exact launch date for the forthcoming season, as the previous two seasons aired in October. Typically, the series continues until mid-December, just before the holiday season.

The cast of Winter House season 3

Although nothing has been officially verified, numerous Bravo stars have been linked to and seen filming. Amanda and Kyle, who starred in Summer House, are very certainly coming back, and Danielle was shown in the trailer. Rhylee Gerber, Malia White, Katie Flood from Below Deck, and Family Karma’s Brian Benni

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They were all mentioned by Bravo by Gays on Instagram as potential cast members. Last season, Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules took a weekend trip. He is said to return in a more significant role this year but without his sidekick, Tom Sandoval. Even that Tom and Katie will get together in the most recent Winter House season is the subject of gossip.

News for Winter House Season 3

The big Winter House story was that Kory, who had been seeing Jessica Stocker during the previous season, had begun to develop feelings for Sam, a newbie to Summer House. Jessica’s behaviour changed in Season 2 of Winter House when gym owner Kory didn’t put up much of a fight.

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However, the Winter House season 3 teaser released by Queens of Bravo announced Danielle Olivera’s appearance and Amanda’s return. In a scene of the actors playing football in the snow, someone unavoidably hits Amanda with a pass, giving her a Marcia Brady moment.

Is Season 3 of Winter House confirmed?

The network published a clip following the last reunion episode of Summer House season 7, so it should be no surprise to Bravo watchers that Winter House season 3 has been renewed. Although it was only a brief preview, it was long enough to demonstrate that this season will still be full of games and pleasure. Filming likely occurred this past winter, and the production is now finished.

Winter House Season 3 Trailor

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