Will Smith Hosts Private Screening Of ‘Emancipation’

Emancipation, an Apple Original Film, was reportedly screened privately by Will Smith. This screening will take place on Monday and notable guests will include Dave Chappelle, Tyler Perry, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and more.

Will Smith Hosts Private Screening Of ‘Emancipation’

Will Smith reportedly held a private screening of his newest movie, Emancipation, according to a story from Deadline. The movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on December 2 and become accessible through Apple TV+ on December 9. Notably, this is Will Smith’s first movie following the controversial Oscars incident in 2022.

Antoine Fuqua is the director of Emancipation. Will Smith uploaded a photo on Instagram of several celebrities that attended the movie. “EPIC night!!” is written in the caption. Thank you for attending #Emancipation. I hope you all enjoyed it!

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In the movie, Peter (Smith), a slave who escapes a plantation in quest of his family, is the subject of Emancipation. The significance of Peter’s story comes from the fact that when he enlisted in the Union Army, medical examiners found scars on his back that had been inflicted by a plantation overseer.

One of the first public insights into how slaves were handled during the period was when images of the scars were taken and sent to The Independent. This is not the first time Emancipation has appeared in some public settings, even though Smith had a private screening of the movie.

Emancipation was shown at the NAACP and Apple event at the beginning of October in Washington, D.C. The movie premiered in front of several social impact leaders during the 51st Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

What This Means For Oscar-Season

Smith will not be able to attend the Oscars for ten years as a result of the infamous Chris Rock incident. According to Entertainment Weekly, this restriction just prevents Smith from casting a ballot “within his acting branch of the Academy” for nominees or winners. Smith can still be nominated for and win awards for both himself and his work, though.

Additionally, as the movie was being made, problems outside of Smith did arise. There were rumours that Fuqua might not be able to complete the post-production process before 2022, however, this no longer appears to be the case.

Hurricane Ida’s devastation also posed problems for Emancipation, and the movie also shifted its filming location from Georgia to Louisiana in protest of the latter’s voting restriction laws. What are you now viewing on Apple TV+? Please tell us in the comments.

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