Wild Hearts Game Release Date And What Kind Of Monsters Will You See?

The new adventure game Wild Hearts is being developed by EA, Omega Force, and Koei Tecmo, and is set in a fantastical feudal Japan. All the information we have thus far is presented below. Wild Hearts is a new hunting game developed by Electronic Arts, Omega Force, and Koei Tecmo and set in a fantasy version of Japan.

It’s a classic monster-hunting experience with giant monsters, exclusive crafts, and team-based quests. Despite the fact that the game was only recently revealed and won’t come out until 2023, a few teasers have offered us a glimpse into this next Monster Hunter-style game. This is all the information we have at this time on Wild Hearts.

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The universe of Wild Hearts, dubbed Azuma, is a fantastical place where giant animals known as Kemono live. Azuma draws inspiration from feudal Japan. An official synopsis, courtesy of an EA news release, follows.

The events of Wild Hearts occur in the fictional world of Azuma, which was modeled after feudal Japan but is now being ravaged by the once-calm Kemono, who are changing their surroundings at the expense of the lives of the local populace.

The Kemono include the tiny plant-infused squirrels and the enormous Kingtusk wild boar. Players become custodians of a life-sustaining technology after a harrowing encounter with the winter wolf Deathstalker and are obligated to restore equilibrium throughout the region.

We don’t know much about Wild Hearts’ story beyond the prologue, but it’s logical to assume that it won’t be a major focus of the game. Like Monster Hunter before it, Wild Hearts is a hunting game that prioritizes the player experience above all else.


If you’ve played Capcom’s Monster Hunter or Omega Force’s Toukiden, you’ll feel right at home with Wild Hearts. It’s a hunting game where you have to scope out the area, arm yourself, lay traps, and cross your fingers that you have enough stamina to make it through some very tough battles with magnificent monsters.

Koei Tecmo claims that their upcoming monster hunter game will stand out from the crowd because of its emphasis on crafting and construction. The Karakuri you can create in Wild Hearts is “sophisticated machinery fashioned from a lost, ancient technology.”

The Omega Force team’s stated goal is to “create a game where crafting was at the core of the experience, reimagining what can be feasible in a beast hunting game,” as stated by Koei Tecmo executive vice president Yosuke Hayashi. Traps are a direct reflection of this, from timed bombs to harpoon guns that may hold Kemono creatures in place to platforms that aid in vertical movement.

What Kind Of Monsters Are You Wanting To Hunt?

It’s important to remember that the Kemono you’ll face in Wild Hearts come in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny insects to towering, colossal monsters the size of cities. Just a few of the various types of Kemono you’ll be tasked with hunting in Wild Hearts are listed below.


The Deathstalker resembles a huge wolf, but it has dead trees sprouting from its shoulders instead of fur. It is swift and nimble, and it can use icy assaults to stun its prey before biting them in two.

Wild Hearts Game Monster
Wild Hearts Game Monster


Big, wild boar-like creatures known as kingtusks live in dense undergrowth, hiding from view. They employ their vast size as a weapon by stomping on their enemies, gouging them with their tusks, and even summoning enormous vines to entangle them.


The Lavaback is an enormous gorilla monster that has been transformed into a walking volcano by being merged with lava. When it goes mad, the Lavaback not only unleashes its enormous strength, but it also spews lava from its body.


Apart from its size and the fact that it is blanketed with rocks and forests, not much is known about the Earthbreaker. Defeating this titan with the appearance of a turtle won’t be simple.

Release Date Status For Wild Hearts

The official website for “Wild Hearts” states that the release date is February 17, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox X, and PC. After the game’s announcement in September 2022, players won’t have to wait too long for it to hit shelves. Koei Tecmo, creators of the “Dynasty Warriors,” “Nioh,” and “Atelier” series of games, is working on the project.

Though many are anticipating the game’s debut with glee, others are more wary. However, the fact that EA is handling the game’s distribution has some fans worried about things like microtransactions and special “deluxe” editions. No such announcements have been made regarding “Wild Hearts,” but fans are still on edge.

One player pointed out that the reason “Monster Hunter” is so popular is that developer/publisher Capcom cares about its players, whereas EA hasn’t shown that it cares about its players in the past. Still, there are a lot of people that are interested in the game. Some have even hailed it as the “hunting genre’s savior.”

Teaser For Wild Hearts

On September 28th, 2022, a trailer for the highly anticipated Wild Hearts was released. Two minutes of gameplay footage shot by developer Omega Force demonstrated the new hunting game and hinted at the game’s distinctive crafting and combat systems.

Watching the Wild Hearts trailer (which you can do up there) will give you a glance into the fantasy feudal Japan setting of Azuma, where you’ll encounter massive nature-infused animals known as Kemono, as well as a look at the old traps known as Karakuri.

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