Why Did Matt And Colleen Break Up From Love Is Blind Season 3?

For Levitate Air Group, where Matt Bolton works, he manages the private charter sales department. His prior employers include Universal Machining Industries and the company he currently manages. He was promoted to Vice President of LFC Industries. Fort Worth, Texas native Matt claims he cheated on his long-time ex-girlfriend and decided to come out of his shell and participate in the show.

After his death, Matt Bolton, a ghost, makes friends with two supernatural students at his high school: vampire Adam and werewolf Christa. We don’t know much about Matt’s background before the show, but we do know that he was a social outcast in high school with just Steve McKenna for company.

One day, he was in the ladies’ locker room when Brandy Mulligan and a bunch of girls began spying on him from the bathroom. Matt, an outcast at his school, regularly accompanied Christa. One day, though, they discover that Christa and her newborn son Adam can see him since Adam is a werewolf and Christa is a vampire, and they are both motivated to track down his killer.

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Reality TV celebrity, American dancer, and tech PR guru Colleen Reed. She shot to fame after being cast in the third season of the smash Netflix romantic series Love Is Blind. In 2018, Colleen received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma.

She is also a qualified ballet dancer, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the field.  She reports that the Easton, Pennsylvania native is exceptionally limber and agile. Colleen’s ability in this sector has allowed her to star in a wide variety of shows, including Mizrah and Night on the Trinity.

As of the year 2019, Colleen has also held the position of Senior Digital PR Strategist at Fractl. She completed an internship as a social media coordinator in June 2017 and is now working full-time for Ballet Frontier as a social media account manager beginning in August 2018.

Who Is Colleen From Love Is Blind Season 3?

Tell me about season 3 of Love Is Blind’s Colleen. Colleen Reed, 26 years old, lives in Dallas, Texas. This lady was born and raised in the Keystone State. She described herself as a “Ballet Dancer” and “Digital PR Strategist” on season three of Love Is Blind. Here is her Instagram: @jellybean.colleen.

According to her Linkedin profile, Colleen has been employed by the advertising firm Fractl as a Senior Digital PR Stratgist since 2019. In addition to being a member of the company, she also performs with Ballet North Texas. She has previous experience from places like the Oklahoma International Dance Festival, Dunham & Jones Law Office, Ballet Frontier, and Discover Oklahoma.

She holds a BA in public relations and a BFA in a ballet performance, both from the University of Oklahoma. She participated in the Alpha Phi sorority and danced with the Oklahoma Festival Ballet and Contemporary Dance Oklahoma. “Public relations and marketing expert with over two years of expertise in brand management, content promotion, and social media.”

Educated to the Bachelor of Arts level with a double major in Public Relations and Ballet Performance. Creative problem-solver with exceptional interpersonal, project management, and organizational abilities. “Experience in building strategies to ensure strong brand presence,” it reads on her Linkedin profile.

Who Is Matt from Love Is Blind Season 3?

What’s the deal with Matt in Love Is Blind season 3? Matt Bolton, 38, is a Texan based in Dallas. On season 3 of Love Is Blind, he introduced himself as a “Private Charter Sales Executive.” Matt’s Instagram handle is @matt bolton24. It appears from Matt’s Linkedin profile that he has been employed with Leviate Air Group as a Charter Sales Executive since September 2022.

Previous positions include Shop Manager at Universal Machining Industries (2015–2017) and Vice President at LFC Industries (2018–2022). He has a 2015 diploma from Texas State Technical College in mechanical engineering, mechanical technology, and technician skills.

Why Did Matt Bolton And Colleen Reed Break Up?

Yes! Everything went according to her plans. Just what do you mean? Colleen Reed was the one who was proposed by Matt Bolton. Well, would you look at that! She took it cheerfully. Nonetheless, their connection was largely interpreted negatively by the audience. Why? It’s not that she has anything against Matt personally, but she just wants someone to intervene.

Not only that, but a few supporters went on Twitter to air their grievances. To rephrase, it was said that Colleen used Matt as a rebound. Both Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed suddenly unfollowed each other on Instagram. After that, speculation about a separation between them intensified. Still, nobody shared a photo from the concert on any social media. You’d be surprised how often this occurs!

Are Colleen And Matt Still Together?
Are Colleen And Matt Still Together?

The couple dropped several hints that all but corroborate the breakup report. The official season 3 trailer for Love Is Blind features a conversation between Colleen and a member of Matt’s family. The knowledge that she cried easily validated her feelings. It’s amazing to believe that the extended trailer had Matt exclaim that he could never marry “that woman,” even though he was shouting his undying love for Colleen.

Matt’s face is red and puffy from sobbing; what happened? Whether or whether they will reach the altar by the end of the experiment is still up in the air. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, and they’ve both deleted any traces of their former relationships since filming. Even though Cole tossed Colleen into her pod because she seemed shallow to him, he was flirting with her at a Malibu cocktail party and thinking she was very much his physical type.

It appears that he and Zanab are still trying to work things out, and there are scenes of Cole and Colleen having conversations that are shown in the trailer for the rest of the season. The implication is that he tells her he finds her attractive and partially regrets his choice.

After chatting with Colleen on the pod for a while, Brennon decides to go after Alexa on his own. She felt judged as a “very shallow person,” she stated later after Cole rejected her. After talking it over, Matt dropped down on one knee and proposed to Colleen; they were soon off on their honeymoon.

Are Colleen And Matt Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 3?

Are Colleen and Matt still together after the third season of Love Is Blind? We won’t know for sure until the season 3 conclusion of Love Is Blind, but until then, it’s only a maybe. Colleen and Matt aren’t Instagram friends and haven’t liked one other’s photos. However, they are Venmo buddies despite Matt’s private transactions.

Colleen, on the other hand, maintains friendships with many of the Love Is Blind Season 3 candidates. She conducted multiple business transactions with the ladies around the time they went on a girls’ vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona for what appeared to be Alexa’s second bachelorette celebration.

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