Why Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Break Up? What Happened Between Them?

Why Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Break Up? After only two years of dating, Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay called off their engagement, leaving their fans and followers to speculate about the couple’s breakup and whether or not it was amicable.

Lori Harvey, daughter of Steve Harvey, recently granted an interview that is easily one of the most revealing for the notoriously private star. She discussed her time as a celebrity, her evolving sense of style, her fitness regimen, and her strategies for dealing with the many hilarious internet memes that have been created about her.

In addition, she discussed her time on the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala. While the star’s reminiscence of her Met Gala debut no doubt made fans happy, they may have noticed that she avoided discussing another major event of 2017: her split from Memphis Depay.

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Fans have been wondering why Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay broke up ever since the exes quietly went their separate ways and found new partners.

What Exactly Happened Between Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay That Led To Their Breakup?

Neither party has directly addressed the shock of the breakup or why it occurred, so the reason for the split between the once-loving couple remains unknown. Their breakup became public knowledge in 2018, when Lori was spotted out and about without her engagement ring. 

As soon as they stopped talking about each other on social media, it was official confirmation that they had broken up. Even though Depay and Harvey never made an official announcement of their breakup, they have since moved on to new partners.

There appears to be no animosity between them, though the reasons why remain a mystery. This suggests that, at the very least, they were able to end their relationship on a positive note.

When Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay Start Dating?

Having met several months prior, Harvey and Depay started dating in the new year of 2016. They allegedly bumped into each other at a beach in 2015. Perhaps captivated by her beauty, the Dutch professional footballer managed to get her contact information. 


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But Harvey, whose mom had previously cautioned her against dating athletes and rappers, ignored him for quite some time. Persevering despite initial setbacks, Depay was able to win her over, and the couple has since begun dating. Up until their breakup in January of 2018, Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay were a couple.

Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay: Engaged Or Not?

Seventeen months into their relationship, Memphis Depay popped the question to Harvey in June of 2017. The young man, who was 21 at the time, enthusiastically accepted and couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone.

However, people’s reactions to the news were complicated. Some people were happy for the engaged couple and offered their congratulations, while others were critical of their decision to move forward with their relationship while still so young.

Lori spoke up in defence of her “man,” gushing about how perfect he is for her. Steve was so overjoyed by his daughter’s engagement that he took to Twitter to share his joy with the world. The comedian finally gave his blessing to the young couple when he publicly referred to Memphis as “a good one” for the first time since their relationship began.

Depay and Harvey appeared destined for marriage after receiving blessing from Harvey’s family and growing closer together daily. Therefore, nobody saw the impending doom when things began to go wrong.

What Caused The Breakup Between Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay?

To many, Lori Harvey’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan represented her ultimate romantic triumph. After spending time with the Black Panther and Just Mercy star, the model and businesswoman thought she’d found the one.

Unfortunately, it appears that fairytale has come to an end, as the couple has recently ended their relationship of one and a half years. Both have been silent about the breakup, but rumours have it that Jordan wanted to take things to the next level but Harvey was not ready.

Whatever the reason, the actor’s breakup is just the latest painful experience for the 25-year-old, who has been through it all when it comes to dating famous men. Indeed, in 2017, she announced her engagement to one of them, Memphis Depay.

What Caused The Breakup Between Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay?
What Caused The Breakup Between Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay?

Who Else Has Lori Harvey Dated?

After her split with Depay, Harvey was linked to Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son, Justin Combs. They were seen together on a few separate occasions, but neither one of them ever confirmed their relationship status. The couple broke up a few months later. 

In late 2018, Harvey began dating Trey Songz, an American rapper and actor. After only a short time together, their relationship had to end. Diddy Combs, a rapper 27 years Harvey’s senior, is reportedly dating Harvey in 2019. 

Photos of the couple on exotic vacations together surfaced while they were still in the dating stage. Despite the fact that he was a longtime family friend and the father of her ex-boyfriend Justin, that did not seem to deter the then-22-year-old. Shortly after their breakup, Harvey was first linked to rapper Future in 2018. 

After Lori Harvey’s 24th birthday party, the two made their relationship Instagram official. Theirs was the third relationship she had ended, and it was for the same reason as the others. The 25-year-endless old’s list of alleged male partners has been the source of much debate. 

When rapper Bossie Badazz called Lori Harvey “damaged goods” because of her murder record, the controversy took a dark turn. He was completely wrong, though, as she quickly found love again, this time with actor Michael B. Jordan. She seems to be doing fine after breaking up with People’s former sexiest man, Michael Jordan.

Fortunately, her father has given his approval this time around, with the comedian saying that the “Creed” actor won him over with his kindness and authenticity on their first meeting. I hope Steve’s positive outlook on Jordan and his decision to support his daughter’s love life is a portent of more good fortune for them.

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