Why Did Fuslie And Edison Break Up From The Twitch Stream?

Edison Park, a Twitch streamer, had just completed a record-breaking 30-day broadcast when he proposed another Twitch broadcaster by the name of “Fuslie” in April of 2019. However, the couple broke up after two years of dating and streaming together.

Leslie “Fuslie” Fu is a member of the group 100 Thieves and has established herself as a streamer in her own right. During a broadcast in April of 2019, she came on screen with her boyfriend Edison Park after his month-long stream.

Park had just finished streaming an incredible 541 hours, seven minutes, and 54 seconds over an exhausting month. He claimed that his body had nearly “shut down” owing to the lack of sleep and nonstop broadcasting he had been doing.

At the end of his life, which broke records for its length, Park popped the question to Leslie in a touching moment that had the entire internet watching attentively… In October of 2021, however, Leslie disclosed that she and her ex-fiancé no longer shared a romantic relationship.

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The Surprising News Of Fuslie And Edison Park’s Breakup Was Announced

In a Twitlonger that was released on October 13, Fuslie acknowledged that she and Edison had split up a month before her post, but that they had delayed making the announcement immediately away because they “weren’t 100% sure about it.”

According to what she wrote, “We ended on the greatest possible terms that we possibly could, and we want nothing but the best for each other.” “Just know that we love each other very much, but ultimately grew apart to the point where we both believe splitting up is what’s best for us.” “Just know that we grew apart to the point where we both agree breaking up is what’s best for us.”

Leslie and I shared the most incredible journey over the last 5.5 years together and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything…. we both feel that it’s for the best and have nothing but love for each other. ” Park also shared his own Twitlonger regarding the breakup, writing, “Leslie and I shared the most incredible journey over the last 5.5 years together and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.”

Both streamers requested that their viewers respect their privacy and announced that they would not be providing any further details on the reasons behind their breakup. In the wake of the shocking and unanticipated breakup, a multitude of followers and other content creators reached out to express their love and solidarity with each other. Later on, Fuslie discussed the breakup of her relationship with Edison in a Twitch stream.

In that stream, she admitted that she and Edison should have “broken it off earlier,” but that she nevertheless felt relieved after the breakup, describing it as a “weight having been lifted.” “We didn’t confront it or acknowledge that until we sat down and talked about it, like in-depth,” she added. “At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we drifted away.”

“It’s apparent that we didn’t call off our engagement like that at any point. There were a great number of conversations that took place, some of which were repeated. In the wake of the unexpected announcement, the couple has been showered with a lot of love on Twitter, and we want to send them our best wishes for the future.

Fuslie And Edison Confirm Dating Rumors After A Surprise Twitch Stream

The unfortunate news for these enthusiasts is that the reports are exactly that: hearsay. The two individuals, both of whom appeared somewhat bewildered by the implication that was being discussed, moved swiftly to put a stop to any rumours that they had reconciled.

Fuslie And Edison Confirm Dating
Fuslie And Edison Confirm Dating

Edison emphasized, “We are not going to get back together.” He replies, “Listen, we’re just trying to show that, hey, just because you split up doesn’t mean it has to be something terrible or done with malicious intentions or anything like that,” and that’s what we’re trying to demonstrate. said more.

“We’ve got it made!” Fuslie laughs and then makes a joke about her admirers needing “copium” to comprehend the news. Not only that, but Edison also brought up the possibility of going on a journey during which he would “disappear” for one month. Fuslie urged him to do so and suggested that he go “backpacking.”

It appears that these two Twitch stars are still on good terms and are attempting to set a good example for what an ideal breakup should be like; friendly, understanding, and still leaving a salvageable relationship. Despite the shocking nature of their breakup, it appears that these two Twitch stars are still on good terms.

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