Why Did Princess Diana And Prince Charles Divorce? Relationship Status And Age Gap!

The royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is remembered forever. In front of 3,000 guests and 750 million TV viewers, Diana Spencer down the aisle of St. Paul’s Cathedral for three and a half minutes on July 29, 1981, while wearing a beautiful taffeta gown with a 25-foot train (via BBC). Before the day was over, she was a princess.

The royal wedding was the event of the century, but the events that followed were everything but a happily ever after. Years later, Diana would describe her wedding day as “the worst day of my life,” adding that she felt like “a lamb to the slaughter” (via Independent). The tabloids of the day were fixated on reporting on the deterioration of Charles and Diana’s relationship. It was 1992 when the pair finally called it quits (via History).

The fourth season of “The Crown” on Netflix brought a whole new audience to the tragic and tangled love story of Charles and Diana. The show provides an inside peek at the problematic marriage, although one that is partly manufactured. Finally, the real reason behind Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s split has been revealed.

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The Age Gap Between Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Prince Charles was 32 when he proposed to Princess Diana, who was only 19. When they got married, Diana was only 20. Considering they had been apart for over a decade, it’s not hard to imagine that the two were never a good fit.

Former royal correspondent Stephen Bates told Time that at the time, however, few people seemed disturbed by the age discrepancy. I suppose that Diana will keep me youthful, apart from anything else,” Charles remarked about the age difference in an interview with The Guardian.

Time revealed, however, that the age difference was a significant source of tension in the couple’s marriage. Diana’s age at the time of her wedding was, after all, shockingly young. Reader’s Digest opines that the age difference of 12 years makes them a bad match. Indeed, it is widely thought to have been one of the most crucial reasons for their separation.

Princess Diana And Prince Charles’ Relationship Status

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s friendship calmed down and grew friendlier after their divorce. According to “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” by Sally Bedell Smith (via History), Charles frequently visited his ex-wife and spoke with her about his two sons, Princes William and Harry.

Tina Brown, author of “The Diana Chronicles,” wrote that things were “clearly settling down” between them after the split. Brown recalled, “They discussed their charitable endeavours, and she accepted Camilla”.

Unfortunately, the new friendship did not last. A close friend of Diana’s, Simone Simmonds, has said that Charles was devastated by the news of her death in the 1997 automobile incident in Paris. According to the Daily Mail, she revealed that he “only realized he loved her after she died.”

It’s difficult to know everything that transpired between Charles and Diana, but it’s also obvious that their relationship was fraught and doomed from the start, and that it ended tragically.

Why Did Princess Diana And Prince Charles Split Up?
Why Did Princess Diana And Prince Charles Split Up?

Why Did Princess Diana And Prince Charles Divorce?

Queen Elizabeth urged Prince Charles and Princess Diana to abandon their marriage after years of strain and sadness. After years of tabloid speculation regarding the health of their marriage, the pair finally split up in 1992. In light of that, it felt like a logical progression to take this step.

In her 1995 BBC “Panorama” interview, Diana confessed that the split had not been her idea. “I came from a divorced home, and I didn’t want to get into that one again,” she admitted. She continued by saying that she didn’t want to split up with him since it would be bad for their kids.

As reported by The New York Times in the same year, the Queen reportedly suggested that she and Charles get a divorce and Charles agreed with the idea. It’s clear that Diana didn’t want to have a divorce, but since the Queen suggested it, it had to happen. The couple divorced and went their ways on August 28, 1996.

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