Who Will Inherit The Wealth Of Aaron Carter, Passed Away Without A Will?

Aaron Carter pass away last week, and the State of California will now select who will inherit his wealth. Prince was taken from his parent’s house by the County Dept. of Children and Family Services, as witnessed by Carter and his fiancée Melanie.

Aaron Carter, who battled alcohol and drug addiction, was discovered dead in his bathtub. The infant, who is now 11 months old and residing with Melanie’s mother, is anticipated to inherit his father’s wealth. TMZ claims that in California if a single person passes away without leaving a will, their child inherits their estate.

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According to reports, despite going through a difficult financial time, Aaron’s attorney encouraged the musician to draft a will. According to TMZ, Prince’s home was listed for sale, so he might receive a portion of the proceeds.

Aaron put a lot of effort into getting better toward the end of his life, becoming a better father, and making peace with his family, according to a spokeswoman for Aaron Carter who spoke to The U.S. Sun after his passing. “Unfortunately, the lack of adequate recovery facilities in our nation and open borders is the reason we have an epidemic.”

How Did Aaron Carter Pass Away?

Aaron Carter was discovered dead in his bathtub by his housekeeper; although the cause of his passing is unknown, some speculate that it was because of his protracted fight with heroin addiction.

Though he acknowledged his drug struggles less than two months before his passing, he asserted that he had been “five years sober” at the time. He told The Sun, “I have done the work, working with the most recognized psychiatrists there are.

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