Who Is Vanna White Dating? Is She Eager To Marry John Donaldson?

Vanna White, the iconic host of “Wheel of Fortune,” has been in the television industry for many years. White is a beloved and consistent TV star, but she is notoriously discreet about her personal life. The TV personality, Pop Culture notes, announced her pregnancy as part of a riddle on the show in 1992, only to have a miscarriage shortly after. Her engagement to model and dancer John Gibson ended tragically when he was killed in a plane crash, just as White’s relationship with Gibson did.

The father of the “Wheel of Fortune” star’s two children is George Santo Pietro, who she eventually fell in love with. Since then, White has become more well-known after filling in for hit game show host Pat Sajak during a medical leave of absence. Many viewers feel she deserved the role for a long time. Fans are likely curious in White’s personal life, so the news that she has a committed long-term boyfriend will likely make them very happy.

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Who Is Vanna White Dating?

Vanna’s connection with John Donaldson means she is definitely no longer available. Apparently, Vanna and John first crossed paths in 2012. Friends introduced them, and their relationship has flourished ever since.

She gushed over John, stating, “He is kind, understanding, and allows me to be me.” Yet, Vanna doesn’t appear to be in a rush to tie the knot with John anytime soon. It’s worth noting that John has a very tight relationship with Vanna’s two grown children. She shared a lovely photo of herself, her son John, and her daughter right before the new year in 2018.

Who Was Vanna White Married To Before Her Current Relationship?

John may be the guy in Vanna’s life now, but that wasn’t always the case. George Santo Pietro, her husband of almost a decade and the father of her two children, is also her father. Central Recorder claims that he is a successful California restaurant owner and real estate investor. A more precise description would be that it was located in Bel Air’s posh Glen Center. They decided to end their marriage quickly in 2002.

Is Vanna White Eager To Marry John Donaldson?
Is Vanna White Eager To Marry John Donaldson?

Is Vanna White Eager To Marry John Donaldson?

A source told the OK! magazine that Vanna White and John Donaldson, her longtime boyfriend, and love, are planning to get married in June 2021, despite White’s repeated denials that she feels any need to do so. a publication that the engaged couple was planning to take the plunge soon. An informant reported at the time that White wanted to get married before her 65th birthday in February 2022 and that the wedding may take place in Hawai’i that summer with none other than Pat Sajak serving as best man.

As they both admitted, “Pat believes John is a fantastic man,” which is high praise indeed. According to White’s friends, White’s attitude towards marriage has altered since she began dating Donaldson. “John visits the set all the time and gets along with the whole crew.” The anchor of “The Tamron Hall Show” even mistook the contractor for White’s fiancé during an interview earlier that year. In spite of her subsequent clarification, the “Wheel of Fortune” icon confessed that the change wouldn’t make much of a difference because they already feel married.

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