Who is Tom Cruise Dating? Are Tom Cruise and Shakira Dating?

Tom Cruise, whose real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, entered the world on July 3, 1962. Throughout his career, Cruise has earned three Golden Globe Awards, a British Academy Film Award nomination, and three Academy Award nominations, making him one of the highest-paid performers in the world.

He is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, with his movies earning over $4 billion in North America and over $10.1 billion worldwide.

Who is Tom Cruise Dating?

Despite the fact that Tom Cruise has been in his fair share of highly known romances, the focus has not been on his personal life in that regard since his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012.

Since his divorce 15 years ago, the Mission: Impossible actor has not been openly romantically linked to anyone, whether they are a fellow star, a normal person, or anyone else. Even while there was speculation he was dating Shakira and his co-star Hayley Atwell, both of those claims have been debunked.

Are Tom Cruise and Shakira Dating?

Are Tom Cruise and Shakira Dating

Unlikely to go together…or is it? After being sighted together at the Formula 1 event over the weekend, reports claimed that Shakira and Tom Cruise are an item.

The identity of Shakira’s rumored new flame has been called into question. During her high-profile divorce from soccer star Gerard Pique, the “She-Wolf” singer also launched a lawsuit against the Spanish government for tax fraud. Some believe that Gerard cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti, with whom her ex-husband has moved on.

A source quoted in a Page Six article from May 9, 2023, claimed that Tom “is extremely interested in pursuing her.”

“There is chemistry,” the insider claimed.”Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom,” said another, before adding, “and he’s a nice-looking guy, and he is talented.” Additionally, the insider made the remark that “she isn’t taller than him.” After their evening at F1, the Top Gun star reportedly brought Shakira roses.

How Many Times Has Tom Cruise Been Married?

Tom Cruise has gone through three marriages. In 1987, Cruise tied the knot with Mimi Rogers. After only three short years of marriage, the couple called it quits in February 1990. Cruise married Nicole Kidman on December 24, 1990, little than a year after his divorce from Rogers.

When things between them couldn’t be fixed, Cruise filed for divorce in February 2001. In November of 2006, Cruise wed Katie Holmes, his third wife. Holmes filed for divorce from her husband in June 2012, and the couple officially separated a month later.

Who is Tom Cruise Wife?

Mimi Rogers

One year after meeting, in May of 1986, Cruise married Mimi Rogers, although the two have conflicting accounts of how they were originally put in touch. Despite Cruise’s assertion that Rogers was already in a relationship when he met her, Rogers has maintained that the two of them met through common acquaintances who set them up while they were both single.

Cruise told Rolling Stone soon before their 1990 breakup, “I’d never been in love before.” Being with her has made me a much more open person. I believe it has improved my acting skills.

Cruise was probably initially exposed to the controversial religion through Rogers, a second-generation member of the Church of Scientology. They both attended the same church but announced their breakup in early 1990. “While there have been positive aspects to our marriage, there were some issues which could not be resolved even after working on them for a period of time,” they stated in their joint statement.

Nicole Kidman

After meeting on the set of Days of Thunder, Cruise wed Nicole Kidman less than a year after finalizing his divorce from Rogers. The pair were married on Christmas Eve in 1990, after dating for only a few months. They went on to work together on the movies Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut, and Cruise’s produced feature The Others.

The marriage between Cruise and Kidman, one of the most prominent power couples of the ’90s, terminated in 2001. A spokeswoman for the couple said at the time, “citing the difficulties inherent in divergent careers which constantly keep them apart, they concluded that an amicable separation seemed best for both of them at this time.”

Katie Holmes

Cruise’s most recent wife is also one of his most well-known. In 2005, he started dating Katie Holmes, and the couple quickly became one of the first to acquire the portmanteau name TomKat.

Cruise famously leaped on a sofa on The Oprah Winfrey Show, when he and Holmes made their first public appearance together a month later while gushing about his relationship with Holmes. “He’s gone,” Winfrey joked. It’s over. The boy has left.

On November 18, 2006, Cruise and Holmes wed in a grandiose ceremony at a castle in Italy. Holmes’ divorce petition was filed on June 29, 2012. Less than two weeks later, the couple finalized their divorce.

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