Who Is Shaun White Dating? Who Else He Dated In Past?

Who Is Shaun White Dating? Next, we’ll examine what the X-Games medalist has said about his future intentions, but first, let’s get to know Shaun White’s girlfriend in detail. White, who at age 35 is the oldest U.S. halfpipe rider competing in 2022, plans to start a family after the Olympics.

In January of 2022, the athlete expressed a desire to become a father to Us Weekly. It’s just that it sounds so interesting. In addition to my enjoyment of being in the company of others, I am also intrigued by the prospect of caring for someone besides myself.

After witnessing his older brother, Jesse, and older sister, Kari, become parents, the professional skater stated emphatically that he “absolutely” wants children of his own. Hearing him talk about his siblings and their families made me happy. Their families continue to expand.

All these new traditions have renewed my enthusiasm for Christmas. I get clips of people saying things like “Oh, they had a Popsicle for the first time.” Take a look at that mess. Simply said, there is an inconceivably vast quantity of information to absorb and comprehend. A great deal of duty,” he remarked at the time.

For a person like myself who has really thrown his everything into one element of life, which is competing in snowboarding, I feel like through the years, I’ve acquired a more well-rounded life with different things going on. Just the thought of it makes me feel like a new chapter has begun… I’m up for the challenge.

Of course, nobody knows for sure with whom he’ll begin this new chapter just yet, but if you want to get a head start, you might want to find out who Shaun White’s current girlfriend is. Read on to learn more about Shaun White Dating Life.

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How Did Shaun White And Nina Dobrev Meet?

The resident of San Diego, California and the Degrassi alum connected at a 2019 event in Florida. In May of 2020, Shaun and Nina made their relationship official on Instagram, even though they had been dating since April.

Are Shaun White And Nina Dobrev Engaged?

Not at this time! The gold medalist’s supporters, though, are confident that he or she will pop the question any minute now. However, fans were taken aback in March of 2022 when the sportsman brought his mom, Cathy White, to the Oscars.

During his time at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Shaun spent a lot of time on TikTok chatting with his adoring public. He wrote in February 2022 that Nina had to skip the games because of COVID-19 regulations.

Still, the girl from Sofia, Bulgaria made sure to show her long-distance adoration for her beau. I keep coming across these photographs. Shaun said, “Nina hid all these in my luggage, in my shoes, in my carry-on, and in my overnight case. It’s nice that my friends and family back home are sending me emails to let me know they’re rooting for me from afar. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I miss everyone, so I wanted to write and say hello, appreciate all of the love and support, and promise to return soon. Sad to have lost touch with you. When I get home, I can relax.

A day before Shaun’s final Olympic competition, Nina posted a touching tribute to him on Instagram. Did I tell you that I’ve already won the gold medal with you? “Show ’em how it’s done, you f-king hero,” she gently captioned a shot of the two of them skiing.

Naturally, this prompted fans to start lobbying Shaun to pop the question. One user pleaded with another to “please get married.” “It’s time to give that bell a ring,” someone else chimed in.

Nina was still quite pleased with Shaun, despite the fact that he had finished in fourth place. As Shaun’s loved ones congratulated him via video call, the Love Hard star took center stage.

Who Is Shaun White Dating Now, Nina Dobrev (2019 – Present)?

In 2019, Shaun White began dating Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries. The two met at a Florida event the year before they went public with their romance. They went out to dinner together, and it turns out that White had no idea who Dobrev was at the time. White told People, “I genuinely didn’t know anything about her.”

Before a fan asked White to take a photo of them with Dobrev instead of him, White had no idea that Dobrev was renowned. “The .place was full. White remembered, “And she was like, Let me go see if I can get a table” White recalls the staff asking, “Can we get a photo… with her?” as Dobrev approached the hostess to request a seat. …and I was like,

“What the heck is going on? Inquiring minds want to know, “What the heck is going on here?” Quite the opposite, in fact; it was hilarious. Because of this, White is fully aware of Dobrev’s fame, and the two of them continue to try to balance their schedules. In their early relationship, the couple “was flying all over,” as White put it.

She’s an actress, so she’s busy filming and promoting movies, whereas I’m busy preparing for the competition by giving interviews and making public appearances. However, the couple’s plans froze in 2020. They decided to quarantine together like the rest of the globe did during the pandemic.

“We went to the hardware store and purchased a bunch of paint and brushes and obviously got in over our heads, but it was very fun,” White said. Dobrev and White’s “wonderful” relationship lasted for two years; near the end of his Olympic career, the Love Hard star was there to cheer on the snowboarder.

Incredibly, Nina says, “She’s amazing. What an impact he’s had on my life, White told People in February of 2022. She has not just her own program, but also her own world, with her own companies, projects, and productions. Having a spouse like her who holds you to the same high standards is a blessing.

Sarah Barthel (2013 – 2019)

White started dating Phantogram’s lead singer Sarah Barthel in 2013. Their relationship was notably discreet since White and Barthel never discussed it with anybody outside of their immediate circle. Although they were together for six years, White only discussed his relationship with Barthel once, in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2019.

White stated at the time that the two were first just friends but eventually developed romantic feelings for one another. I was house-hunting in New York and we met backstage at SNL, where she was working. He told the media outlet that she had instructed him to contact if he wanted her to serve as his tour guide.

I wasn’t looking for a long-term commitment and didn’t want to get serious, but we went slow and ended up becoming good friends. What happened after that is, well, history. White described his then-girlfriend as a “genuine and beautiful person” in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. White speculated that their busy schedules may have contributed to their breakup.

He stated, “I’m not in the kids-and-marriage head space right now, but one day for sure,” before adding, “I travel so much and so does she, but we make an effort to keep it together.” The time I’ve spent with her has taught me how to be a supportive friend. It has always been about me, my career, and my aspirations. “It’s great to hear about someone else’s life and accomplishments.”

Shaun White Dating History
Shaun White Dating History

Starlet Lindsay Lohan (2006)

White and Lohan were spotted together on a New York City club crawl in 2006. According to White, the two went to Bungalow 8 and chatted for a while. We finally arranged to meet up, and we did so in the world-famous Bungalow 8. We had a wonderful experience.

He reportedly said, “It was a vacation,” as reported by AceShowbiz. Everyone has been so excited to congratulate me on my return from Italy. It’s been so hectic that I needed to schedule some enjoyable time for me. Even though they were frequently linked together and reported to be dating at the time, White never confirmed their relationship.

Arrielle Vandenberg (2011)

The suspicions that White was dating Love Island host Arielle Vandenberg began in 2011 after the two were repeatedly photographed in public together. Photographs of the two of them cuddling up at the Coachella music festival surfaced, but their relationship was never officially acknowledged.

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