Who is Sabine Wren: The Last of the Mandalorians?

Ahsoka, originally from Star Wars Rebels, is portrayed by Natasha Liu Bordizzo in a live-action film. The history of this Mandalorian could be murky if you haven’t seen Rebels.

This is where, however, we come in. Sabine Wren’s rebellious, creative flare, time spent with the Darksaber, and dark Imperial past are detailed here. Several pivotal incidents in the Star Wars saga may be found in Sabine’s tale.

We also know where Sabine’s tale stands by the end of Rebels and how the Mandalorian is progressing in her lightsaber training under Ahsoka.

So, read the definitive guide to all you need to know about this rebel Mandalorian.

Who is Sabine Wren?

In addition to Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Zeb Orrelios, and Chopper, the Ghost crew also includes Mandalorian Sabine Wren. She has a natural talent for art and frequently leaves her mark on Imperial property; she was the idea for the now-iconic Rebel Alliance emblem. Believe it or not, Grand Admiral Thrawn is a fan of hers and even owns a few of her pieces.

How does Ahsoka Tano know who Sabine Wren is?

How does Ahsoka Tano know who Sabine Wren is

As revealed by the new series, Sabine began her Jedi training with Ahsoka, but something went awry. We don’t know the specifics of the aftermath, but tensions are high when we first meet them in the program.

Hera says to Sabine after a lightsaber has injured her (but happily survives) that the two of them were “difficult,” and that’s why their relationship worked. The answer from Sabrine is “Until it didn’t.”

Hera tries to persuade Sabine to return as Ahsoka’s Padawan, but Sabine is sure that Ahsoka doesn’t want her back because she left. Hera, though, is skeptical.

The end of Season 2 confirms this, with Ahsoka calling Sabine a “Padawan” and indicating that she is ready to continue her training.

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Sabine Wren: The Last of the Mandalorians

Image from the Star Wars TV series. As the Mandalorian. Brown eyes and long, dark hair around shoulder length characterize this portrait of Sabine Wren. She’s armed and ready to fight with a green lightsaber.

In the last moments of Star Wars Rebels, we saw Sabine Wren, years after the Empire’s collapse, still residing on Lothal. Here she waited, worried about Ezra, before setting out to find him with Ahsoka Tano, a former Spectre buddy.

In the latest Ahsoka teaser, Sabine Wren has been seen using Ezra’s lightsaber against new enemies, suggesting that the two have grown closer. Is Sabine truly sensitive to the Force, or is she only fighting in the manner of the Jedi to remember her fallen allies? We won’t have to hold our breath for too much longer.

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