Who is Phoebe Bridgers Dating: Relationship Timeline?

Do you get motion or emotionally sick? Okay, same. Confirmed sappy Phoebe Bridgers is supposedly seeing Bo Burnham after going out with the musician-comedian on a few occasions. We claim to be glad if she is, but we can’t help but wonder: Is love any longer alive?

Can the connection that demonstrated that making a shot can result in something truly end? The rumors that Phoebe and our collective internet beau Paul Mescal were engaged seem to have surfaced just a few months ago, but it appears that this one genuine pairing is now officially over.

Motion sickness or emotional? More like emotional whiplash, since we require solutions immediately.
The full history of Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham’s relationship, from a shady song hinting at a split to an alleged sighting at an airport that confirmed a connection, is shown below (so far).

Who is Phoebe Bridgers Dating: Relationship Timeline?

Bo Burnham and Phoebe Bridgers’s Relationship Timeline

The modern-day fairy tale romance between Phoebe and Paul may have come to an end, according to a post on the Gossip Girl-inspired Instagram profile DeuxMoi in late 2022. DeuxMoi is also known as the destination for anonymous, unsolicited celebrity updates.

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Phoebe and Bo were reportedly seen “cuddling up” at Magic Castle, a Los Angeles-based hotel, according to an unnamed source. One should never believe the musings of an anonymous gossip website, especially because neither Phoebe nor Paul had responded to the rumors.

This report was merely the beginning of what would eventually come to light, though. Rumors of a breakup started spreading after this post because it was obvious that something wasn’t right between Paul, Phoebe, and Bo. We sincerely feel terrible for Connell and his chain.

9th December 2022

Have you fastened your seatbelt? since the pace of these reports is about to pick up. On December 9, Phoebe Bridgers appeared on SZA’s critically acclaimed and number-one album SOS and dropped a fiery line that alluded to a long-standing argument between her and Paul. Phoebe sings about a dispute she had with an ex in the soothing song “Ghost In The Machine,” where she appears.

You’re not wrong; you’re an asshole. Screaming at you in the Ludlow, I was yours for free. You said all my buddies were on my payroll. Phoebe isn’t one to shy away from subversive hard-hitting lyricism—we just need to point out her verse on The 1975’s “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America” as evidence—so it’s obvious that these words are indicative of a real-life event.

Also, Phoebe told NME that the turnaround time for the feature was quick, which suggests that she may be making a reference to her recent breakup with Paul in the song. We’re asking for clarification once more.

13 December 2022

December 13 was the day the internet truly came to a halt as The 1975’s Matty Healy shared a picture of him kissing Phoebe while Bo looked on. Forget Kim Kardashian on the cover of PAPER Magazine.

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14 January 2023

More tragic news: Bo and Phoebe were seen together at LAX, and at one point, Bo was even seen putting his hands on Phoebe’s back. Naturally, given that this is Phoebe and Bo’s first “official” sighting (i.e., one supported by strong evidence), we can’t help but feel as though their time has come to an end. We’re confident that everyone engaged in this love triangle shares the same opinion given that Bo and Phoebe have been labeled as enemies of Ireland on Twitter for destroying Paul’s heart.


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