Who is Milo Manheim Dating 2023: Relationship Timeline

Fans adore Meg Donnelly’s role in the Disney Channel series Zombies, even though she portrays Mary Campbell, a 19-year-old, in the Supernatural spin-off series The Winchesters. Does the actress date her two on-screen partners? People naturally wonder about this given that many Disney Channel actors actually dated in real life and given the chemistry between Milo Manheim’s zombie Zed and Donnelly’s Addison Wells.

Fans, however, also have questions about Meg Donnelly and Noah Zulfikar, who played Jacey, a different Seabrook High School student. The characters in the Zombies movies are unique and all about being who they are without caring what other people think, making them as wholesome as they are exciting. Fans are more curious about Meg Donnelly’s love life as she gains popularity and wants to know the truth about her relationships with Milo Manheim and Noah Zulfikar.

Who is Milo Manheim Dating 2023: Relationship Timeline

Is Meg Donnelly Dating Her Zombies Co-Star Noah Zulfikar?

Meg Donnelly gained some excitement for her portrayal in the Zombies Disney Channel franchise, despite the fact that she participated in only five episodes and isn’t quite as well-known as some of her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-stars. Addison, the zombie character played by Donnelly, is actually an alien.

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She first comes out as a typical person because she enjoys cheerleading, but her background gradually comes to light. A zombie named Zed and Addison begins dating. In 2019, followers noticed that Meg Donnelly and Noah Zulfikar appeared to be dating. J-14 claims that this is when the relationship apparently began because she posted a picture of him on Instagram at the time. Also, the actress shared pictures of them from 2022.

Celebrating u today & always, Donnelly captioned a carousel of pictures she had posted of the couple in January 2022.” Said she, “Without you, life would not exist. I cherish you.” She added a tweet, “A stinking happy birthday. I appreciate you showing me what real love is. For everyone, you are the shining example. I adore you.

Many are curious since, as J-14 pointed out, the actress hasn’t posted any pictures of them in the recent past. It’s difficult to tell if Donnelly simply wants to keep their relationship private now that everyone knows they are dating, or if they actually broke up and she doesn’t want to discuss it in public, which would make sense.

In the Zombies movie series, Jacey and Addison are wonderful characters that help to describe the setting of Seabrook. A spill at the Seabrook Power Plant occurs several decades before the first movie starts, turning many town residents into zombies. As Noah Zulfikar played Jacey in Zombies 2, and the sequel was released in 2020, Zulfikar and Donnelly must have become friends on the shoot and started dating.

They both have leading roles in the 2022 film Zombies 3. In Zombies 3, Addison’s quest is made difficult because she is eager to enroll in college and it’s uncertain whether aliens will be able to stay in Seabrook. Even if Jacey doesn’t have as much of a role as Zed and Addison do in the three Zombies films, Zulfikar is nonetheless excellent as Jacey.

Did Meg Donnelly Date Her Co-Star Milo Manheim?

Fans mistakenly believed that Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim were dating despite the fact that they never did due to the connection between their characters in the Z-O-M-B-I-E-S series. They are, in fact, close pals.

Manheim stated, “I mean I get it, when I watch Zed and Addison, it’s a match made in heaven,” in an interview with J-14. I and Meg have developed a much stronger bond over time; after all, we clicked right away.” Manheim revealed to J-14 that Meg is one of his best pals, saying, “Now Meg is one of my best friends.”

The actor added that it would be interesting to know whether they are more than just buddies “I understand. We are flawless. Thus, it is reasonable. People frequently ask Manheim and Donnelly about what it was like to work together on the Zombies movies since they are so interested in their dynamic. Both of them frequently discuss how close they are.

Manheim expressed his appreciation for Meg as a friend and how much he enjoyed working with her on the Zombies movies in an interview with Short Take. I feel most at home around Meg since she is the one person in the world who truly gets my sense of humor. We started this together, and we’ve been there for each other ever since he continued.

Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim have previously worked together before the Zombie films. On the sitcom American Housewife, Donnelly played the humorous and snarky Taylor, and in four episodes that aired in 2018 and 2019, he guest-starred as Pierce. Both Taylor and Pierce have roles in their school’s musical.

What Opinion Did Meg Donnelly Have About Her Role In The Zombies Series?

Meg Donnelly appears to have enjoyed her roles in each of the three Zombies films. Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim discussed the conclusion of Zombies 3 and how they realized their characters needed to be open about their emotions in a July 2022 interview with Forbes. According to the actress, the performers requested that the script for Zombies 3 include a scene in which Zed and Addison express their love for one another.

She stated: “Just because it might have been a little too serious for younger people, that was not going to be in the script. But because they do love one another and are about to part ways for a very long time, Milo and I really, really wanted to make sure that it is stated.”

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The actress also discussed how Zombie 3 is a fantastic continuation of the franchise and how she enjoys the “ideas of acceptance” in all three Zombie movies in her Forbes interview: Disney did an excellent job of evolving with the audiences.

Meg Donnelly had previously appeared in American Housewife and The Winchesters, two non-Disney Channel TV shows, and she will reprise her role as Addison in Zombies: The Re-Animated Series. Zed and the other well-known characters will appear in the TV series, thus Donnelly will collaborate with her co-stars once more, according to IMDb.


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