Who Is Lindsay Hubbard Dating Now? Latest Celebrity Relationship News

After a surprise breakup of her engagement, Bravolebrity Lindsay Hubbard is recovering well. Her boyfriend has been very supportive throughout, even when Carl Radke wasn’t as supportive.

She discussed her dating life after Carl Radke ended their engagement on their popular show Summer House. Talking to People magazine, she said, ‘When everything happened six months ago, I adjusted my focus. I don’t define my success solely by engagement, marriage, or children. That’s not who I am.’ She continued, ‘I am a hardworking and strong-willed person. Right now, success to me means finding a happy, healthy relationship with someone who’s a good match. If a family happens, that’s great.’

Hubbard also mentioned, ‘But for now, achieving financial independence on my terms is what matters most to me. I feel empowered when I stand on my own feet, without relying on someone else.’

Who Is Lindsay Hubbard Dating Now?

Who Is Lindsay Hubbard Dating Now? Latest Celebrity Relationship News

Lindsay Hubbard has a new boyfriend, but his identity hasn’t been shared publicly yet. Despite this, Lindsay has hinted about him on the Bravo show and in interviews. After her engagement with Carl ended, she’s slowly introducing her new partner to the world.

On the Bitch Bible podcast in May, Lindsay mentioned that her boyfriend is successful in his career and works hard. She described him as driven and ambitious. On another podcast in June, she called him a “New York man” and explained why she hasn’t made their relationship very public yet.


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In June 2024, Lindsay told E! News that her boyfriend is amazing and they have a caring and loving relationship. She’s not rushing their relationship and is enjoying how it naturally evolves. Lindsay learned from past relationships and wants to keep this one private for now.

During the Summer House reunion, Lindsay shared that she’s keeping their relationship private to avoid public scrutiny and to focus on their feelings for each other. Her boyfriend prefers to stay out of the spotlight, which Lindsay appreciates.

Here are some further updates that are similar to this one:

How did Lindsay Hubbard meet her boyfriend?

Lindsay Hubbard shared on the Bitch Bible podcast that her current boyfriend isn’t new to her life, even though he’s new to fans of the show Summer House.

“We actually met and went out about three-and-a-half years ago,” Lindsay explained. “Some of my friends call it a boomerang, where you go out once, the timing isn’t right, and then you reconnect later. That’s basically what happened with us.”

Lindsay went on to explain why things didn’t work out the first time they dated. Back in late 2020 during the COVID times, he was going through a career change, which made it a difficult time for both of them.

“He was trying to figure out his career moves, and it just wasn’t the right timing,” Lindsay recalled. “It was also around the holidays, and I was in a weird place too. So, he ended things with me, but he did it in a very respectful way.”

Lindsay mentioned that she recently looked back at their old texts and found his message about not being ready for something serious to be very kind and respectful.

“Fast-forward to December 2023, three years later, he reached out to me again,” Lindsay said. “I made him wait a bit before responding because he made me wait three years. Eventually, we met up for coffee and then lunch, and it felt more like catching up on the last few years than anything else.”

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