Who is Kerri Okie? TikTok-famous Mom Reacts to “Inside Edition”

A TikTok creator with more than 1.5 million followers is Kerri Okie. The woman from Oklahoma City, who is well-known on TikTok, uploads amusing videos of her daily activities that are all captured by her daughter. Her humorous comedies frequently gain ten million views online. The American news program has been presented by Deborah Norville since 1995 and has aired for a whopping 34 Seasons since it debuted in 1989.

The most important news items of the day are covered in each episode, along with investigative reports, interviews, human interest stories, and pop culture and celebrity features. Producers of the most recent episode featured a video by Kerri Okie in which she responded to being featured on TikTok.

Who is Kerri Okie? TikTok-famous Mom Reacts to "Inside Edition"

‘Inside Edition’ aired her video.

Kerri Okie’s daughter posted a hoax video where she locked the car door and recorded her mother attempting to get in back in July. After declaring that she would have to complete a dance to be permitted back into the car, she performed a hilarious dance. The video received over eight million views and became so popular that Inside Edition aired this week.

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Kerri’s reaction was priceless.

Kerri wasn’t too happy to learn that her foolish dance had been featured on Inside Edition. It was hilarious when Kerri’s daughter recorded the video conversation where she broke the news to her mother and uploaded it to TikTok. Mom, are you seated yet? We just appeared on Inside Edition.

She yelled in shock at her daughter’s statement, “I know what it is—the TV show. Which Inside Edition? “No, we weren’t; I constantly watched that program and saw nothing about us appearing on any national program… How did I miss it when I often watch it? When did it appear there? She went on.

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Her daughter revealed that the vehicle dance video was displayed, and she wasn’t too happy about it. “Well, that’s just Jim splendid. You made me dance, and it was broadcast on television. Are you for real? She cited the original video and stated, “I wish I’d whacked you with that wag bar while I could. What an embarrassing national show that is. I was twirling,” she said.


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