who Is kelly Dating Bling Empire? Is She Back Together With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Bling Empire has made a triumphant return! Bling Empire season 2 is currently available on Netflix in its entirety. The entire eight-episode run is accessible to viewers. One thing that practically everyone is wondering, though, is whether Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray, her ex-boyfriend, are still together.

Fans witnessed this couple’s turbulent relationship go through many ups and downs over the first season of the show. To put it frankly, Andrew’s explosive temper and domineering personality never seemed like the appropriate fit for Kelly.

The actor, who is most known for portraying the Red Megaforce Soldier in Power Rangers Megaforce and a few other offshoot properties, received loud criticism from fans.

It appeared that Andrew and Kelly were back together by the end of season 2, and this was further verified off-screen in interviews published in January 2021. However, where are they right now in Bling Empire season 2?

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Who is Kelly Mi Li, a star of “Bling Empire,” Currently Dating?

Early on in Season 3, Bling Empire actor Kane Lim tried his hardest to match Kelly with his friend John, but after just a few dates, they discovered there was no chemistry. By the time the series finale came around, however, Kelly admitted that she was seeing someone else, though she was hesitant to tell her friends who it was.

Kelly acknowledged being in a relationship in “The One that Got Away,” the third season’s tenth and final episode. Despite being eager to reveal the details of his friend’s new relationship, Kane was able to keep any information about him a secret.

Christine Chiu questioned whether Kelly and Andrew had maybe rekindled their relationship, which Kelly quickly rejected. She added that she genuinely wish the best for her ex and that she believes he is a “wonderful person.” When the time is right, you’ll get to meet him, Kelly stated of her new love interest.

Kelly admitted that she is in love during a confessional even though she kept her new boyfriend’s identity a secret. “I have undoubtedly suffered great harm in the past. But I’ve at last discovered love…” said Kelly. I believe I should introduce him to the group gradually, and I’m eager to see how things develop.

who Is kelly Dating Bling Empire?
who Is kelly Dating Bling Empire?

Are Kelly And Her Boyfriend Still Together After ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3?

Kelly continued to tease her new romance on her Instagram feed after Season 3 of the Netflix series premiered. She affirmed that she continues to date the unidentified man. On October 6, a member of the O.G. Bling Empire cast posted a tape of her talking about her ideal partner.

In the video, Kelly outlined her ideal partner as someone who is “non-judgmental,” “gentle, grounded, true, and honest.” In the video, Kelly enumerated a number of attributes before joking that she was only looking for “the basic stuff.”

Kelly captioned an Instagram photo with “This situation too,” adding three laughing and weeping emojis. “However, I did discover him [winky face emoji]. Don’t decrease your standards, girls!”

If Bling Empire is renewed for a fourth season, viewers might get to see Kelly’s ongoing relationship with her unnamed beau. Bling Empire’s first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

Andrew Gray, Star Of Bling Empire

Andrew gained notoriety in the reality TV industry in 2021 as a result of his appearance on Bling Empire Season 1, but he has also been in a number of other TV programs and motion pictures, including Split Milk, Shadow Wolves, and Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle.

He also has a production firm called Knight Owls Studio and sells his own clothes products online. Customers can watch episodes, movies, and NFTS through the studio’s subscription service. His mother is Spanish and his father is American. In 2005, he started working as a model for Vanity Fair and Dior, and Wilhelmina was his agent.

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Bling Empire Season 2, Release Date Status, Storyline, Cast, And More Info

After spending three years on the Power Rangers, Andrew went back to school to finish his education because he wants to work as a director. Before breaking things off in March 2021, Andrew dated producer Kelly Mi Li for five and a half years.

In the opening episode of Bling Empire Season 1, Kelly, who was shopping in Paris, received an aggressive call from Andrew. In Episode 4, the couple sought therapy in an effort to maintain their union, but the therapist advised them to part ways.

By the end of the season, Kelly thought that Andrew and she shouldn’t even be friends because he left Kelly’s house. Six months passed between their separation and their reunion during the pandemic. The couple broke up in March 2021 following the conclusion of Season 2 of the show, albeit they did not give a detailed explanation. Kelly published on her Instagram page.

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