Who Is Jonathan Van Ness Dating? Does He Have A Partner?

Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye joked that they were dating, but it appears they are hinting at a partnership. Since Queer Eye’s 2018 debut, the two have become great friends, to the point where they now have an Instagram account to celebrate their bond.

While fans love to pretend they’re dating, Jonathan married film producer Mark Peacock in 2020, and Antoni has been with advertising executive Kevin Harrington since 2019. The actors also have close relationships with their co-stars, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Tan France. The Queer Eye cast has been in New Orleans filming season 7, and they can’t wait for the premiere on Netflix.

All five members of the Fab Five have appeared in the music video for Taylor Swift’s 2019 song “You Need To Calm Down,” which is devoted to the battle for LGBTQ+ equality. Also, Jonathan has written several books, the most recent of which being Love That Story: Observations from a Gorgeously Queer Life.

In addition to his work as a hairstylist on Queer Eye, he also manages a famous hair care line called JVN Hair. Certified chef and Queer Eye cast member Antoni has published several cookbooks, the most recent of which will be available in 2021. As an actor, Antoni will soon be seen in Michael Showalter’s upcoming film Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.

Who Is Jonathan Van Ness?

American Jonathan Van Ness cuts hair in addition to hosting a podcast, being an activist, acting in plays, and writing books. On Queer Eye, they play the role of grooming guru. Gay of Thrones, a web series, is another project they’ve worked on. Jonathan claims to have been reared in Illinois by a family of journalists.

Jonathan has always been out as gay and has discussed being the target of bullying due to his orientation. In Jonathan’s school, he was the first male cheerleader. They consider themselves a third gender and frequently switch between the three preceding nouns. Jonathan just told everyone that he and his long-time partner, Mark Peacock, tied the knot in the new year.

Who Is Antoni Porowski?

Canadian TV host Antoni Porowski is known as “Porowski.” He has many talents, including those of model, cook, and writer. On Queer Eye, he serves as a wine and food critic. Antoni was raised trilingually in Quebec, speaking Polish, English, and French. After finishing his studies at Concordia University, he uprooted to the Big Apple.

He learned to prepare gourmet meals on his own. In 2017, he was hired by Queer Eye, and in 2018, he took home an Emmy for his work on the show. He is an advocate for the Equaversity Foundation, a Polish organization that helps the LGBTQ+ community.

Rumors Of Their Relationship Status Have Circulated For Years

Fans have been fooled before by Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni, so they know they’re a hot commodity. They were caught kissing on camera on July 4, 2019, which sent shockwaves through the Queer Eye fan base. Say it with me: “If this is happening, I’m going to cry.

One fan ecstatically stated in the debate, “This is the medication my soul has been wanting since Episode 1!” Other voices yelled out, “Don’t let this be a joke, Antoni, I swear!” However, the rumors that the two were dating seemed to rest the next day after Jonathan Van Ness made some comments.

Instagram post from that year’s July 5: “It was all Antoni’s idea, but maybe someday we will fall in love,” with a rainbow flag emoji and the caption “notacouplebutitwasfunright.”
It was concluded that the stars had just lost control in a fit of patriotic zeal before the new season of Queer Eye premiere.

We could have left it at that, but on July 18, Jonathan decided to up the ante. An additional photo of himself with the sommelier has headed “Baes Between Takes.” One fan spoke for us when they said, “Y’all betta stop giving folks heart attacks out here.”

Fashion expert Tan France stepped in to offer a view we share: the two of you are terrible kissers. Someone more on Instagram wrote, “Stop mocking us like this,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Queer Eye crew was providing exactly what their fans wanted. Someone else added, “I need you to stop crushing my heart, OK?”

Who Has Jonathan Van Ness Dated?

We will keep this page updated with any new information we hear about Jonathan van Ness’s love life, which he, like most celebrities, prefers to keep under wraps, so be sure to check back for the latest.

Who Has Jonathan Van Ness Dated?
Who Has Jonathan Van Ness Dated?

At the very least, Jonathan van Ness has been in one past relationship. There was no prior commitment on the part of Jonathan van Ness. We are now conducting research into past encounters and dates.

The rumors about Jonathan van Ness’s love life online are inconsistent. The people Jonathan van Ness is dating are not hard to track down, but keeping track of all his flings, hookups, and breakups is a different story. Maintaining an accurate and comprehensive record of every famous couple is impossible.

Who Is Jonathan Van Ness’s Partner?

Meet Mark Peacock, Jonathan Van Ness’s companion. In a revelation this month, Van Ness stated that he and Peacock had married in 2016. The Queer Eye actor made the shocking revelation on Instagram and provided a lengthy comment outlining his plans for the upcoming year. He shared, “I married my best buddy and now have a loving partner with whom to construct my life.”

Who Is Jonathan Van Ness Dating?

There is no way of knowing if Jonathan Van Ness is dating anyone now. He has not revealed his present significant other to the general public. The moment we learn more, though, we will post an update here.

Who Is Antoni Porowski’s Dating Boyfriend – Kevin Harrington?

Antoni Porowski has a boyfriend named Kevin Harrington. Kevin Harrington, located in New York, is a strategic planner who has previously held positions at Amazon and other notable corporations. After Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween charity bash, rumors started flying about them.

They started going out in 2019. The first time they were seen in public together was at Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party. Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday celebration was another event they shared.

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