Who Is Joji Dating: Is It Rumors About Him?

Joji entered the world on September 18th, 1992. Because of his channels on YouTube known as TVFilthyFrank and DizastaMusic, he is well-known on the internet. On YouTube, he is known by his alias, Filthy Frank, where he has posted a number of musical parodies and comedic sketches. The article is about who is Joji dating. Let’s about and check out currently, Is Joji dating anyone?

Joji, whose true name is George Kusonoki Miller, has abandoned all of his internet identities and outlets in order to concentrate on his music career. Under his previous stage name, Pink Guy, his debut studio album, titled Pink Season, was released in January of 2017.

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Joji Net Worth

Joji’s net worth is currently unknown. As of early 2019, sources tell us that he has a net worth of $1.3 million, which he has achieved through his many successes. In addition to being the first Asian musician to achieve the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop chart’s top place, it is projected that his wealth will continue to grow as he pursues his music career further.

Is Joji Active On Social Media?

Joji is active on social media and has a presence on Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand, he hasn’t made any new posts in quite some time. If you would like to follow him on Instagram, you may do so by clicking on the link provided in the previous sentence. The artist currently has 5.6 million followers on her social media accounts.

Nevertheless, the most recent post that he made on the platform was in October of the year 2020. You can keep up with him by following him on Twitter. There, he has a following of 1.6 million people. In the same vein as Instagram, Joji does not really engage with users on this network. The date of his most recent post on that forum is December 2021.

Are Doja Cat And Joji Dating?

Doja and Joji are not dating. In point of fact, the question of whether or not the singer liked Joji was posed to her, and her response was “Yes, I do.” The singer of “Planet Her,” on the other hand, never mentioned that they were dating each other.

In the same vein, Doja’s response to the question was uncomplicated and in no way related to any romantic connections. As a result of her comment, many of the fans were eager to draw the wrong assumptions. Many others, as a result of this, speculated that the two might be dating. However, this is not the case in reality.

Are Doja Cat And Joji Dating
Are Doja Cat And Joji Dating

Is Joji Dating Anyone Right Now?

The time has come to address the most often requested question about Joji’s dating lover. Inquiring minds want to know the number of women that he has dated. In any case, as far as we can tell, Joji prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He’s not one to talk about his private life, especially his relationships. We all know how well-known his character is, so it’s only natural that he wouldn’t want to discuss his personal life with us.

Even though we don’t know much about Joji dating with ex-girlfriend, we do know that he’s dated a lot of other actresses in the past. It’s also been rumored that he had a connection with Doja Cat, a well-known singer. People began to believe they were seeing each other because Joji’s account tweeted the tweet with a photo. What exactly are you interested in learning from this post?

Joji added that he knows Doja has an intense infatuation with him and that his account is frequently visited by her. In addition, he indicated that he would be sharing a picture of her that was personal to him. Doja later replied to the post, claiming, “I’m not doing this to you, I guessed it incorrectly.'” “There is no way I can love you as I do.”

They discovered that Joji’s account had shared a phony tweet after browsing through it. Fake accounts shared it, which later confirmed that there is no romantic connection between them. Currently, Doja Cat is not Joji dating or ex-girlfriend. Despite the fact that they both work in the same field, they do not live in the same place.

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