Who is Joe Alwyn Dating Now? Unveiling His Post-Taylor Swift Love Life

About a year ago, Taylor Swift and her “London Boy” Joe Alwyn broke up. They had dated quietly for six years, keeping much of their relationship private. Since then, Taylor has moved on with Travis Kelce, and they’ve become a very popular couple in America.

But what about Joe? What has he been up to since the breakup? If my ex went on to have the most successful concert tour ever right after we split, I’d probably feel pretty bad, but that’s just me! Here, I’ll share who Joe Alwyn is dating now, if he has a girlfriend, and what he’s been doing.

Who is Joe Alwyn Dating Now?

Who is Joe Alwyn Dating Now

It looks like Joe has been single since he and Taylor broke up. In September 2023, people started talking about him possibly dating Emma Laird, a 24-year-old actress who worked with him on the movie “The Brutalist.” Emma shared some photos from when they were filming, including one of Joe alone, which made people curious.


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But, as usual, Joe didn’t say if they were dating or not. Other than that, Joe has either been healing from the breakup or has kept his dating life very private. This is disappointing for those of us who want the gossip—his mysterious act is getting old.

Joe Alwyn Past Relationship

Let’s be honest, nobody knew who Joe Alwyn was before he started dating Taylor Swift. Taylor made him famous. Before they got together in 2016, Joe wasn’t known to be dating anyone.

Taylor, this should have been a warning sign, right? Joe, we get that you prefer to keep things private (kind of dull). Now it makes sense why you and Taylor broke up—she’s meant to be in the spotlight.

Aside from Taylor, Joe’s dating history seems pretty empty. So, Joe, I hope you find love with someone else, and that person fits your introverted lifestyle. But honestly, most girls don’t like being kept a secret.

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Reasons Behind Joe and Taylor’s Split

People close to them said that Taylor was the one who decided to end their long relationship. After dating for six years, it seemed like they weren’t going anywhere. They were very different—she’s outgoing and he’s more quiet (maybe he couldn’t handle her confidence).

They both behaved well after the breakup, and there didn’t seem to be any hard feelings. However, fans thought she made some indirect comments about him during her Eras Tour, and her new album, The Tortured Poet’s Department, seems to be inspired by their relationship (or maybe by Matty Healy, you decide).

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