Who Is Jeanine Mason Dating? How Much Age Difference Between Them?

The American actress and dancer Jeanine Mason are recognized for her roles in the smash TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Roswell, New Mexico. Many of her followers would like to know more about her relationships with men. Let’s find out who Jeanine Mason is currently seeing.

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Who Is Jeanine Mason Dating?

Actor Beau Mirchoff is presently dating Jeanine Mason (2023). Since 2018, they’ve been an item, and they’ve been posting plenty of photos of each other online. Despite their wishes to keep their relationship private, they’ve been seen together at several events and red-carpet premieres.

Beau Mirchoff is a multi-talented artist who starred in the successful film “I Still Believe” and the MTV series “Awkward.” They fell in love while filming “In Roswell, New Mexico,” where they both worked.

Jeanine Mason was previously speculated to have dated Beau Mirchoff’s co-star on “Grey’s Anatomy,” actor and singer-songwriter Jake Borelli. Neither party addressed the claims head-on. Thus, it remains unclear if they were an item or just pals.

Are Jeanine Mason And Beau Mirchoff Married?

The relationship between Jeanine and her ex-boyfriend Beau Mirchoff lasted for nearly a decade, beginning in 2011. Beau had heard good things about her from a buddy at a party, and he decided to approach her. He was instantly smitten, and he came here to discuss.

Are Jeanine Mason And Beau Mirchoff Married?
Are Jeanine Mason And Beau Mirchoff Married?

The following day, he extended an invitation to lunch. To most people, Mirchoff is best known for his role as Matty McKibben in the smash MTV sitcom Awkward. They never crossed paths when Beau and Mason attended the same acting studio. Thankfully, the two met at a party and immediately hit it off.

They had been dating for an extended period, beginning in 2011, but they never brought up the subject of marriage. Both actors kept their personal lives, including their romantic lives, under wraps. We are unable to pinpoint exactly when the pair split up.

Most of those they knew were counting on them to marry assumed they would. But they were planning something else and keeping it under wraps. While Mason’s love life remains a mystery, Beau is engaged to Jenny Meinen after a year and a half of dating.

Jeanine Mason And Beau Mirchoff Age Gap

Jeanine’s birthday was January 14, 1991, making her 31 now. On the other hand, Beau will be 33 years old in 2022 (he was born on January 13, 1989). They were both born in January, with only a few days separating their birth dates, so their age difference is precisely two years.

Ultimately, Jeanine Mason and Beau Mirchoff appear to be a happy and healthy marriage. Fans can catch glimpses of her relationship on social media and at public events, even though she maintains a low profile regarding her private life. We hope to see them in more scenes together and wish them the best in their relationship.

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