Who Is Diego Tinoco Dating? Is He In A Relationship With Sierra Capri?

A lot of people noticed the Hollywood hottie when he made his debut in season 6 of the supernatural blockbuster series Teen Wolf. His role as Cesar Diaz in the Spanish Netflix series On My Block, however, was his big break. Monse, portrayed by Sierra Capri, is the object of his affection throughout the show. Fans theorized that the actors might be dating in real life because of the sizzling chemistry between their on-screen roles.

According to Distractify, the two weren’t dating at the end of the film. Yet, as friends, they care deeply for and respect one another. For Teen Vogue, Tinoco gushed that Capri was the ideal co-star. He claimed that he felt more at ease in front of the camera after having worked with her.

When Tinoco’s character and his co-character star’s split up in the second season, both he and his co-star were devastated. The star has said that he hopes Cesar and Monse continue dating and end up together in a nice way, Notebook-style.

The actress felt the same way and held similar sentiments, going so far as to go one step further. She has expressed a desire to see their relationship develop into something more serious between the two main characters. All she wanted was for them to tie the knot and start a family together.

Increase your credibility by looking at the relationship the two of them have and learning more about their dating life:

Who Is Diego Tinoco Dating?

The latest craze among Diego Tinoco‘s devoted fan base is the star’s romantic exploits. Fans believe the actor is attracted to a well-known female star, but he keeps his personal life under wraps.

Is Diego Tinoco Dating Sierra Capri?

The relationship between Diego Tinoco and Sierra Capri is platonic and professional, although they are not dating. During the audition process for On My Block, the performers had a chance to encounter the chemistry test. They were put through a love scenario test by the judges to see how well they would do. The casting crew had to wait for Diego and Sierra to finish their passionate kiss.

Is Diego Tinoco Dating Sierra Capri?
Is Diego Tinoco Dating Sierra Capri?

Sierra Capri portrays Diego Tinoco’s girlfriend, Monse Finnie, in the show. Despite appearances, Mons and Cesar are not romantically involved with one another. When Diego Tinoco cheated on Sierra Capri in Season 3, it caused tension in their relationship.

Both actors hope that their characters get their happily ever after, despite the difficulties their romance has to overcome. Season 4 of On My Block, the series’ last, premiered in 2021.

Unless otherwise stated, the performer is single. While some fans will be relieved to learn that Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are not dating, others will be counting down the days until their idol finally introduces the public to his or her soul mate.

Diego Tinoco is Focusing on Building his Career

Despite speculation that he is dating a co-star, the native of California is currently not in a relationship. Based on what he said, it seems his acting career is just getting started. The gifted actor has decided to avoid romantic commitment while he concentrates on his job. His primary goal is to spend time with his loved ones.

The actress Ana De Armas was, nevertheless, the subject of his confessional interview with Seventeen. His desire to collaborate with her in the future was expressed. The Netflix star recently said that Ariana Grande was his first celebrity love, even though he is currently crushing on De Armas.

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