Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2023 In The Perfect Match Series?

You may be wondering if Chloe and Shayne from Season 1 of The Perfect Match are still together and where they are now that production for Love Is Blind has wrapped. Season 1 of The Perfect Match, a Netflix reality TV dating show hosted by Nick Lachey (who also hosts Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum), featured Chloe Veitch (a participant from Too Hot to Handle season 1) and Shayne Jansen (a contestant from The Circle season 2).

Ex-contestants from several Netflix reality shows (such as Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, The Ultimatum, and The Mole) relocate to a tropical villa and try their luck at dating again in the hopes of finding love. While new candidates arrive at the villa each week to try to break up couples in search of a partner, those who have not yet found a partner are eliminated.

After all of the contestants have been eliminated, the couple with the most votes is declared the winner and awarded the prize money. “It’s a program full of love and drama and conflict and strategy and games,” The Perfect Match executive producer Chris Coelen told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2023. People come in for a variety of reasons, and they all bring their own set of emotional baggage with them.

There’s no indication in the show’s content or presentation that anyone has a particular objective in mind. It’s an accurate reflection of their current situation; they could be seeking a casual summer fling or a long-term partner. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to determine who that ideal companion is.

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Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2023? Perfect Match’s Shayne & Mitchell Argue About Her

The males are at each other’s throats because of a potential love triangle involving Perfect Match stars Shayne Jansen, Mitchell Eason, and Chloe Veitch, which was sparked by Netflix’s new dating show. Reality TV stars from various shows compete in “perfect match” challenges to discover their “perfect mate.”

Season 2 of Love Is Blind highlighted Shayne, while Season 2 of The Circle starred Mitchell and Chloe. As a result of his first date’s failure, Shayne was looking forward to meeting Chloe. The happy couple was broken up when Mitchell walked in and started dating Chloe. Shayne had to leave the house.

It was to be expected that the first season of Perfect Match would have its share of drama upon the announcement of the cast. But, the show’s drama appears to have continued after production wrapped, as seen by a Twitter spat between Shayne and Mitchell. Instagram user @loveisblindnetflix posted a video recapping the show in which Shayne mentioned that Chloe had kissed Mitchell back when the two were matched and appeared happy together.

Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating?

Who is Chloe from The Perfect Match season 1?

The name Chloe from the first season of The Perfect Match seems familiar, but who is she? Chloe Veitch was born and raised in Essex, England, and is currently 23 years old. On the first season of Too Hot to Handle, she competed and ended up winning $7,500 as one of the top 10 contestants.

Chloe appeared on the first season of Too Hot to Handle with Francesca Farago, a thirty-year-old Vancouverite who is also a contestant on the first season of The Perfect Match. Chloe competed in the second season of The Circle as an imposter and finished in second place. She dated Mitchell Eason, a 23-year-old from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, after season 2 of The Circle, but they ended things behind the scenes. The first season of The Perfect Match also has Mitchell as a competitor.

Who is Shayne from The Perfect Match season 1?

Who is Shayne in the first season of The Perfect Match? Originally from Chicago, Illinois, 33-year-old Shayne Jansen now resides in Los Angeles. While competing in the second season of Love Is Blind, he met and became engaged to Natalie, a fellow Chicagoan of 30.

For his second season of Love Is Blind, Shayne introduced himself as a “Realtor.” For the season two finale of Love Is Blind, Natalie and Shayne’s wedding served as the setting for Natalie’s breakup with Shayne. Shayne also appeared in the “After the Altar” episode of Season 2 of Love Is Blind.

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