Who is Is Brock Purdy Married? When Did Brock Purdy and Jenna Brandt’s First Meet?

While Brock Purdy, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, may have started his rookie NFL season as “Mr. Irrelevant,” he quickly gained the support of many. Before his memorable first professional start in which he defeated Tom Brady, though, he had already captured the heart of his partner, Jenna Brandt.

In July 2023, the couple announced their engagement, so who is the athlete’s future wife? HELLO! explains everything you need to know about Jenna down below.

Is Brock Purdy Married?

Brock Purdy, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is engaged to Jenna Brandt.

In July 2023, not long after the pair had been dating for a year, Purdy proposed.

Injuries to the 49ers’ leading quarterbacks Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo gave Purdy, who had been called “Mr. Irrelevant” when he was the last pick of the 2022 NFL draft, his time to shine.

Even superstar Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were no match for him in his first career start. Brandt was seen giving Purdy a kiss after his victory and was present to cheer him on.

Purdy has been relatively tight-lipped about his relationship with Brandt, despite the fact that the two are fellow Iowa State University student-athletes who entered in the same year (2018).

Purdy was an avid football player, while Brandt was a key cog in the volleyball backcourt as a setter. Even though Brandt left for UNI in 2021, it’s obvious that they maintained in touch and eventually fell in love.

Jenna and Brock: A Team On and Off the Field

Jenna began playing for the Iowa State Cyclones as a setter after having success with her high school squad. She was a member of the team for three years, during which time she competed on a global stage. She decided to finish her education and join the volleyball team at UNI, so in 2020, she transferred from Iowa State. In January of 2022, she completed her playing career at UNI.

The 23-year-old is committed to her future husband’s success in addition to her own professional development. During Brock’s rookie year, Jenna was a constant sight in the stands, and she was always there to greet the star quarterback with congratulatory kisses and hugs after he led his team to a victory.

When Did Brock Purdy and Jenna Brandt’s First Meet?

When Did Brock Purdy and Jenna Brandt's First Meet

Since Brock and Jenna both went to Iowa State, that’s probably where they initially met and became friends. While they did not publicly declare their relationship until November 2022, after both had graduated, it is likely that they had been seeing each other since before Jenna’s 2020 college transfer.

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