Who is Anna Chlumsky Husband? What She Do For Living?

Here we are talking about Who is Anna Chlumsky Husband? In Hollywood, Anna Chlumsky’s husband hardly ever met her. Chlumsky took a break from acting to get a degree after becoming a household name at the age of 9 because of her role in My Girl. She met Shaun So, who is now her husband of over 22 years, as a result of her hiatus, at a party on the quad. She has since made a comeback, most recently appearing as a co-star in Shonda Rimes’ Netflix original series Inventing Anna, which debuts on Friday, February 11, 2022. However, she has also been concentrating on her relationship with So and their two girls. Learn more about Shaun So, Anna Chlumsky’s husband, and the life they have created together.

Who is Anna Chlumsky Husband?

Veterans and entrepreneurs are also. So was sent to Afghanistan three years after they first started dating, much of which was done over distance. If long-distance dating is a sport, deployment is the X Games, according to Chlumsky’s 2014 essay for a Glamourpiece.

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When she learned the news, she sent an email to her friends in New York City informing them that she would be “creating a fortress around myself to stay strong for my soldier.” Thus, he returned in January 2006, although he stayed in the Army Reserve for a further five years.

We had numerous conversations about the future—his, mine, ours, and the Army’s—during a two-week break, she wrote. We had decided to rely on our group’s collective tenacity to see things through to the end since we had realized that life is only better when we are all together, despite any uncertainty.

How Long Has Anna Chlumsky Been Married to Shaun So?

Four months after returning from his trip, So proposed to his college girlfriend, and on March 8, 2008, the pair wed. In 2022, they’ll commemorate their 14th wedding anniversary.

Who is Anna Chlumsky Husband?

How Did Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky Met?

Chlumsky achieved recognition early but left the spotlight at the age of 18. She attended college while taking a break from the entertainment industry “to experience a world of education and possibility,” as she stated in her 2014 Glamour profile. One of those eventual outcomes had her meeting her future spouse when she first encountered So at a “rare dance party” on the University of Chicago quadrangle. We fell in love right away, and I knew we’d be together after I graduated, the actress recalled. Cho finished his final year of college while she relocated to New York City for a post-grad fact-checking job. The following year, while So worked for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C., the couple continued their long-distance relationship by traveling back and forth by bus.

How Old is Shaun So, Anna Chlumsky husband?

According to reports, Shaun So is 42 and Anna Chlumsky is 41.

What Profession Does Shaun So Have?

After serving for ten years as a counterterrorism specialist and special agent for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense, So transitioned to the private sector, according to his Forbes contributor bio. He has been the company’s founder and CEO since April 2012. According to his LinkedIn page, “I increase income, form strategy, and management personnel of a company that improves public services for customers.” As his biography also cites roles as the founder and CEO of Cubby, an “urban logistics startup,” and as the co-founder of Digital Services Coalition, a non-profit organization, it looks to be the third business he has started.

Anna Chlumsky is Still Performing?

Chlumsky went on a break from the business and then went back to acting. After graduating from college, the former child star declared in Glamour that she will “embark on the safer’ pursuit of a 9-to-5 existence.” So joined the Army Reserve at the same time, but Chlumsky later experienced an “epiphany” and decided to stage a comeback to show business, stating, “As an adult, I thought, maybe I could do it correctly this time.” She remembers him stating, “So supported my career aspirations at the time.” “You shouldn’t gamble with your life, I can hardly warn you as I train for the Army.

Chlumsky began taking acting lessons at the Atlantic Acting School in Manhattan, where she went “to explore what craft is all about,” as she told Elle in 2022, to move closer to her goal. “And they immediately declare that this is a play. It isn’t referred to as tedium. It’s known as a play. Thus, our goal is to have a good time,'” she recalled. “I had to go to school to learn how to be a kid,” the speaker said.

Chlumsky has played several parts since coming back to Hollywood, including a seven-season stint as Amy Brookheimer on HBO’s Veep and guest spots on programs including Law & Order and 30 Rock. But despite her success in show business, she values her family more than celebrity. According to IMDb, she has stated that she “likes to do one movie a year” and doesn’t “like to do back-to-back movies.” She said, “I concentrate on stuff at home. The lives of my family and at school are essential to me.

Do Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky Have Children?

So and Chlumsky are parents to Clara Elizabeth So, age 5, and Penelope Joan So, age 8. According to Chlumsky’s article in Glamour, Penelope is named after the famously patient wife of Odysseus in Homer’s The Odyssey, who famously waited 20 years for her husband to come home from battle.

In a 2017 interview with Kelly Ripa, Chlumsky made light of the fact that both of her girls were born in July, saying, “It kind of works out with my work schedule.” Although Chlumsky began acting and modeling at an early age, don’t look for her children to enter the spotlight any time soon. She told in 2017: “I don’t want kids to be professionals until they’re mature.”

“My strategy is to just give kids the freedom to engage in any activity they like, but they shouldn’t be under any pressure to use that skill to make money until they are adults and can do so independently. So, enjoy being 18.”

Chlumsky says becoming a mother hasn’t altered her opinion of My Girl, even if she won’t now be encouraging her children to work in the pitch. “She described the 1991 movie that launched her career as a child actor to EntertainmentTonight in 2015.

“It was three months of my life when I was 10,” she said. “I feel like I have a better understanding of everything that has transpired since that movie, as well as of youth and growing up. Penelope’s presence hasn’t altered it in any way.

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