Who Is Angela Simmons Dating? Does She Have Any Kids?

The children of Hip Hop’s forefathers and mothers are the focus of “Growing Up Hip Hop.” The following generation’s acceptance of their parents and integration into Hip-rich Hop culture is fascinating to observe. The documentary follows the children of celebrities as they go about their daily lives, capturing their reactions to the spotlight, the pressures placed upon them, and the difficulties they inevitably face.

Joseph Simmons, an early figure in the Hip Hop scene, is joined by his wife, Valerie Vaughn, and their daughter, Angela. Angela has been in several more series besides ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ including ‘Daddy’s Girls,’ ‘Run’s House,’ and ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. This extremely talented TV host is also an excellent fashion designer and businesswoman. With such early success, it’s only natural that people want to know if Angela has found love. So, shall we investigate this further?

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Relationship History of Angela Simmons

Angela’s dating history is rather robust. She was supposed to be dating rapper Bow Wow in 2006, and then Terry “TK” Kennedy. Angela moved back to Bow Wow after the failure of her second romance, but the two broke up again in 2009. Angela explained why they broke up on “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” saying, “He (Bow Wow) was not ready” for a long-term commitment. Though they were initially rivals, they have since become close friends.

Since Angela and Bow Wow broke up, many have wondered who she is seeing. In 2009, she was supposed to be engaged to rapper Oscar Salinas, to who she had been linked previously. This TV star was seen hanging out with NFL player Julius Peppers and Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian back in 2010.

Reports surfaced in 2012 that Angela and Romeo Miller were dating, however, the two later denied the accusations, saying they were never an item. Similarly unconfirmed rumours connected Angela to businessman Knowledge Katti in 2014 and model Morgan O’Connor in 2015.

Ex-Fiancé of Angela Simmons

In 2016, Angela Simmons began dating Sutton Tennyson, and by April of that year, the couple was engaged. Angela was overjoyed to share the news that she had gotten engaged to her longtime partner. The couple’s son, Sutton Joseph, was born in September of 2016. The birth of their son provided them with even more happiness, and they were content to live in their little world.

As a result, Angela broke the news in December 2017 that the couple had decided to end their engagement. At roughly the same time, Angela is said to have sought a protection order against her ex-fiancé on the grounds of domestic abuse, according to reports. There was a custody fight between the two, and in July 2018, Angela was awarded interim custody of their son. However, Tennyson was unhappy with this outcome and pushed for shared parental responsibilities.

On November 3, 2018, Sutton Tennyson passed away in a tragic turn of events that no one could have foreseen. The murder of Sutton Tennyson, 37, by 13 gunshots outside his Atlanta house occurred on November 3. The bullets that killed him were.45 calibre, the postmortem found. Angela and her kid finally had some peace of mind after the murder suspect supposedly turned himself in, but she still had a hard time moving on from the death of her ex-fiancé.

Michael Angela Simmons’s Son

During month of September 2016, Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson welcomed their baby, Sutton Joseph. Angela was given interim custody of her kid after her divorce. Sutton Joseph has been staying with his mother, Angela, after the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend. The well-being of Angela’s son appears to be the primary concern in her life, and she has been devoting her time and energy to this end.

Angela has also admitted that she has trouble talking to Joseph about his father because of her painful memories of her late ex-husband. Now that she has a child, she appears to be relishing her role as a mother and posting frequently about her experiences with her baby on social media.

Is Angela Simmons Dating Anyone?
Is Angela Simmons Dating Anyone?

Angela Simmons and NFL player Khalil Mack were reportedly dating after they were spotted together in public in September 2018. The couple, though, appeared to have broken up by the year’s close. After breaking up with Khalil, rumours about Angela having relationships with Romeo Miller and Bow Wow circulated, however, these claims have since been rejected by all parties involved.

Angela announced her engagement to Daniel Jacobs in August 2020. The couple looked content and deeply in love. However, by early 2021, all images of the couple had been deleted from each member’s social media page, leading to rumours that they had broken up around the holiday season of 2020.

There are no known ties between Angela and anyone else at this time. The lack of a significant other is also evident in her social media postings and photos. Angela Simmons is currently single and focusing on building her career and raising her son, Sutton Joseph.

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