Who is Alison Wonderland Dating? Meet Her Boyfriend!

Are you interested in finding out who Alison Wonderland is dating? You’re covered by this article! Discover the musician’s relationship status and the name of her current partner. To learn more about this gifted and inspirational artist, continue reading. From Sydney, Australia, Alison Wonderland is a musician, DJ, and producer.

She was given the name Alexandra Sholler at birth on September 27, 1986, in Sydney, Australia. She received a scholarship to the famous National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney in 2009, allowing her to study music there. She has credited musicians like Bjork, Radiohead, and The Beatles as influences for her work, which is renowned for its passionate lyrics and thunderous bass drops.

In 2013, she released her first single, “Get Ready,” which was well-received and aid at the beginning of her career. She has also freely discussed her experiences with depression and anxiety and has been a vocal supporter of raising awareness of mental health issues.

Two studio albums by Alison Wonderland—”Run” (2015) and “Awake” (2018)—were both well-received by critics. She has played at important music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Tomorrowland and has done considerable international touring, garnering a devoted following.

Who is Alison Wonderland Dating? Meet Her Boyfriend!

Who is Alison Wonderland Dating?

Australian electronic dance music producer, singer, and DJ Alexandra Sholler go under the stage name Alison Wonderland. Initially a classical cellist, she eventually made the switch to the electronic dance music scene. With the release of her debut single “Get Ready” in 2013 and her debut EP “Calm Down” in 2014, she initially came to public attention. Many individuals, however, are eager to learn about her personal life. Analyze, then.

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Ti West and Alison Wonderland are dating. She made a post on her Instagram account in August that hinted at her relationship status but opted not to show his face, leaving many people in the dark. However, she recently made her pregnancy known on Instagram, thereby establishing her relationship with Ti West. Surprise! is how she captioned it. Baby Wonderland will soon arrive. Ti and I, my other half, are very eager to work together.

Who is the boyfriend of Alison Wonderland?

Timon C. West and Alison Wonderland are currently dating, but it’s unclear exactly when things got serious. They did, however, make their relationship public six months before Alison’s pregnancy announcement. Timon C. West is a multi-talented person with experience in acting, directing, producing, scripting, editing, and cinematography.

He was the director of the film “Pearl,” co-written by Alison Wonderland and starring Mia Goth. Timon and Alison are six years apart in age, with Timon being 42 years old and having been born on October 5, 1980, and Alison is 36 years old and having been born on September 27, 1986.

Alison Wonderland Ex Boyfriend

Alison Wonderland has a troubled experience when it comes to relationships. She was formerly in an abusive relationship, which hurt her mental health. Because of the abuse, she has been outspoken about struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Even though she hasn’t disclosed his name, her page will be updated if any new details are made public in the future.

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Alison has found happiness despite her past with Timon C. West, and the couple is joyfully anticipating a child. The family of Alison Wonderland needs to be better understood. Her sister, who works in the music industry as well, is someone she gets along with well.

This, as well as her family’s encouragement of her desire to pursue music as a career, despite early resistance, have been discussed in interviews by the speaker. Throughout Alison’s career in the music industry, her family has been a source of inspiration and support.


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