WhatsApp is Down Again 4th April 2022 (Update Working Now)

WhatsApp is down again, and all over the globe, everyone is facing issues with the social networking app. According to the data supplied by the Downdetector service, we can see that 1148 people are having trouble with Whatsapp. Whatsapp outages were observed in the previous 24 hours.

When will Whatsapp start working?

Whatsapp’s founders have yet to make any public statements. If additional information comes to light, we’ll include it in this post.

What specifically are you having trouble with at the moment? Refresh the website from time to time and follow us – we upload new information in real-time. If anything isn’t functioning for you right now, please post a remark with a screenshot attached!

WhatsApp is Down

The memers community never leave a chance to troll and create the trend of anything. Many memers took the issue to Twitter and asked Elon Musk to buy it. Have a look at some funny memes.

Latest Update

The app is now working but the video call and voice call option isn’t available yet.

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