What Was Berlusconi’s Net Worth? Check Here!

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranks the late former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away on Monday at 86, as the 303rd wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $7.56 billion. According to the business journal Forbes, his wealth is approximately $6.9 billion. His five children all receive a portion of his riches.

In 1993, Berlusconi made his political debut by running for prime minister with his then-new political party, Forza Italia. According to Bloomberg, he was the prime minister for more than nine years, from 1994 and 2011. According to estimations by Forbes, he first hit the billion-dollar mark in 1988.

Berlusconi, one of the key players in Italian politics during the past three decades, was born in Milan in 1936. He started as a door-to-door salesman after earning his law degree in 1961 and then worked as a cruise ship performer. In the early 1960s, the real estate sector gave him his first achievements.


What Was Berlusconi's Net Worth? Check Here!

He launched Italy’s first private TV network ten years later. This subsequently developed into Mediaset, the largest private broadcaster in the country, which then changed into MFE. The longest-serving prime minister of Italy made investments in both publishing and film with the purchase of Mondadori, the nation’s largest publisher, in 1990.

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Forbes said he invested in the Mediolanum Bank and football while owning AC Milan for 31 years. In June 2017, he sold his stake to Chinese investors for $630 million. He acquired ownership of Serie A team Monza in 2018. The umbrella organization Fininvest served as the home for Berlusconi’s investments.

According to its website, the family holding firm with headquarters in Milan and run by his eldest daughter Marina had sales of €3.8 billion ($4.4 billion) for the year 2021. Nearly all investigations and trials involving Berlusconi began after he entered politics in 1994. He was involved in 35 criminal court cases, but just one resulted in a conviction.


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After being found guilty of tax fraud in 2014, the three-time prime minister was initially prohibited from competing for political office until 2019. However, the ban was overturned by an Italian court in May 2018, and Berlusconi was elected to the European Parliament the following year, according to Forbes.

He had recently had treatment for a lung infection while also battling leukaemia. Berlusconi had a long history of health issues; he underwent heart surgery in 2016 and was taken to the hospital in 2020 for Covid. Additionally, he had experienced prostate cancer.


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