What Happened To Mark On Moonshiners? Were Mark And Digger Arrested?

What Happened To Mark On Moonshiners? Were Mark And Digger Arrested? Moonshiners is unlike any other television show. The Discovery reality show follows the lives of legal and illegal distillers operating in the Appalachian region of the United States. In the past decade or two, whisky enthusiasts have learned an incredible amount about the lives of various distillers.

Mark Rogers, an old hand in the distilling business who has become a fan favorite through the years, is one such character. Even so, some viewers worry about his long-term status on the show. So, is Mark quitting Moonshiners now? Read on to find out the details we have uncovered.

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What Happened To Mark On Moonshiners?

The state police of Virginia has given the clearest reaction, saying that no unlawful alcohol is made during the concert. There is now a chasm between the show’s fans and its adversaries because of the state of turmoil that was unleashed. Cast members frequently come into contact with the law in the portions of various episodes.

Usually, they can avoid any consequences, but sometimes, when the cameras aren’t rolling, they are taken into custody. We would bring up the fact that Mark and Digger have outstanding arrest warrants, but there is no record of such warrants.

On the other side, several other cast members have been arrested for various causes, with the late Popcorn Sutton receiving the heaviest term of all. After a police raid in 2008, he was arrested for having a firearm and several liters of liquor. The court gave him 18 months behind bars as a time to think about his actions.

Is Mark leaving Moonshiners?

No. In 2023, both Mark Ramsay and Eric “Digger” Manes remain as regular cast members on Moonshiners. Season 12 of the show, which features their characters, premiered on November 9, 2022. Mark and Digger will welcome Beaz into their operation in the upcoming episode airing on February 8. It would appear that they are keeping up with their moonshining operations.

But it appears that Mark is “moving back” from the operation, and the fans don’t seem to approve of the new direction the show is taking under Digger and Mark’s leadership. “I’m quite surprised Mark is going to step back,” one Moonshiners fan remarked. It doesn’t look right, another person remarked, to see Digger running without Mark.

One mourning follower said on Twitter on February 2: “So heartbroken about Mark and Digger!” To put it another way: “It’s like tearing Batman and Robin apart.” According to an October 2022 Discovery article, Mark and Digger are in for a rough season due to several factors, including a “determined law enforcement investigator hellbent on halting their enterprise” and “sky-high rates for basic supplies such as grain.”

Season 12 is not the first time the trio has had trouble creating moonshine. Mark and Digger remarked that moving their operation “almost forced them out of the moonshine industry altogether” in an exclusive 2021 interview with Pop Culture.

Were Mark and Digger Arrested?

As of this writing, there has been no word that Mark or Digger has been taken into custody. Mark and Digger admitted to having “brushes with the law” in the past on the eleventh season of Moonshiners.

They related an incident in which law enforcement showed up to their still and said they wouldn’t say where they worked any longer. In addition, Digger believes that they are “being watched.” Mark remarked, “We’re not in handcuffs right this second, but, honestly, we don’t know at this moment what our future holds.”

Were Mark and Digger Arrested?
Were Mark and Digger Arrested?

Where Are Mark And Digger From Moonshiners?

Moonshine, a stormy high-proof distilled alcohol, is brewed in the Appalachian Mountains, and Mark Ramsey and Eric Digger Manes are the dynamic duos who profit from this. Currently, their abode is in Newport, Tennessee, USA. In addition to working together in business, they are also quite present in one other’s personal lives.

Moonshining is still Mark and Digger’s main source of income, and they continue to impress their customers with the finest booze they’ve ever had in the USA. They’ve known each other for a long time and are close. Thanks to their significant background in moonshining, the two men formed the Sugarland Distillers.

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