What Happened At Liam Hemsworth’s 2018 The Witcher Auditions Plus More!

Henry Cavill will be leaving his role as Geralt of Rivia, and Liam Hemsworth will take over from Season 4 onward, it was announced exactly one week ago. The revelation undoubtedly shocked the Witcher community, and now there are additional specifics on how it occurred from Liam’s perspective.

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Liam Hemsworth Was A Frontrunner For Geralt Of Rivia Before

According to our sources, Liam Hemsworth, 32, was one of the leading candidates when Geralt of Rivia’s part was the first cast in 2018. He may have finished second to Cavill, third, or fifth, but he was unquestionably one of the favourites.

As a result, this casting in 2022 wasn’t a complete surprise because, at the time, they had also been interested in Hemsworth for the part. In the end, they preferred Henry Cavill more. We’re informed that this indicates there wasn’t a lengthy casting procedure this time.

After re-watching the old Geralt casting footage, the producers chose Liam Hemsworth from the top candidates. All of this was completed around the second half of summer 2022 while The Witcher: Season 3 was still being made.

A side note: There were rumours that Sebastian Stan was the favourite to play Geralt in 2018; however, neither the stories nor any comments on them ever materialized. The Witcher Season 4 won’t begin filming until roughly the second half of 2023. Thus the release date may revert to the customary December time slot in 2024. A new Geralt of Rivia will have about two years to win over fans.

The Witcher Season 3 is in post-production with a summer 2023 release date. The Christmas 2022 release date for the live-action prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin has been determined. Keep an eye on Redanian Intelligence and stop by our Discord server to join the discussion about The Witcher.

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