Official confirmation has been made that Season 2 of Welcome To Eden will be renewed by Netflix for another season.

What we know so far about the second season of Welcome to Eden. Netflix has hosted a number of popular Spanish shows over the years, including Elite and Money Heist.

Zoa finally makes it to the boat at the end of season 1, but she sees her sister Gabi getting off the boat to attend the Eden festival.

Zoa and the other newcomers partied on a lonely island. Visitors wear wristbands that only illuminate select people.

The newcomers discover they’re being deceived when the promised boat doesn’t return. Only Aldo blames Eden’s residents from the start.

 In season 1, Zoa and Charly tried to leave the island with help from Zoa’s lover, Bel. Gabi says she’ll take the next island boat. Isaac is a mysterious, gifted teen.

Before making a decision on whether or not to renew a show, Netflix typically gives the show a 28-day trial period to generate interest and revenue.

The second season of Welcome to Eden has yet to receive a trailer, as the show was only recently renewed.