Tower of Fantasy, a new open-world RPG from Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, will be released worldwide on August 10 for iOS, Android, and PC.

he Tower of Fantasy events take place in Aida’s exotic world, full of life and beautiful vegetation.

Aida is a location where civilization has evolved after Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. The material known as Omnium can be found in plenty on Aida.

You take on the role of a male or female Wanderer and are entrusted with assisting Zeke and Shirli, who live on Star Island Sanctuary.

The MMO has a big open world, sci-fi anime aesthetics, fast, fluid action combat, the ability to interact with your environment, an active PvP system, and more.

The characters’ names had already been made public in the gaming world. Thus, they’re on a mission to conquer the MMO world. Consider the following examples of possible personas.

Developer Hotta Studio’s cryptic marketing campaign yielded an official release date for Tower of Fantasy: August 10

Tower of Fantasy will go live across all major platforms, including a mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Steam and Epic Games Store) (technically August 11).