At this point, Netflix has not renewed Standing Up for a second season. Let’s discuss the likelihood that the French series will be resurrected.

This is usually a sign that the showrunners aren’t planning on bringing the show back for a second season. In any event, the show could be given a second run.

The audiences will become increasingly curious about the four comedians’ backstories as they see them in their everyday lives.

Comedian Fanny Herrero introduces us to four newcomers working hard to find their footing in the crowded comedy industry. In addition to being difficult, it is also demanding.

Even if Season 1 didn’t end on a cliffhanger, the writer won’t have any trouble coming up with a fresh idea.

The struggles never cease, much like the challenges. A fresh season of Netflix’s choice to change could very well be forthcoming.

Despite her mother’s protests, Apolline is determined to follow her dream of becoming a comedian.

Standing Up Season 1 Recap

There will be no second season of the show, as previously stated. A new trailer for the film has not been released as a result.